Finalists for Spring 2014 (March 2014 , April 2014 May 2014)

by Thomas Brown published by Sparkling Books
Stop Dead  by Leigh Russell  published by No Exit Press  
A Departure by Tom Ward published by Crooked Cat Publishing 

Non Fiction:
by Onyeka  published by Narrative Eye
The Fast Diet 
by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer published by Short Books, Ltd 
God's Trees  
by Julian Evans  published by DayOne Publications Ltd

by Mrs Hilda Poppitt  published by Percy Publishing
The Return of the Jabberwock by Oakley Graham  published by Top Hat Publishing
Leap of Faith by Richard Hardie published by Crooked Cat Publishing

Finalists for Winter 2013 (December 2013, January, February 2014)

Theatres of War
by R JJ  Hall published by Troubador Publishing Ltd
Where Waters Meet by John Franks published by Alliance Publishing Press  
Topaz Eyes by Nancy Jardine published by Crooked Cat Publishing 

Non Fiction:
Beyond The Flames
by David C Pike published by Austin Macauley 
The Last Burrah Sahibs
by Max Scratchmann  published by Steve Savage Publishers Ltd
Goner by Louis Brawley published by Non-Duality Press

The Weasel Puffin Unicorn Baboon Pig Lobster Race
by James Thorpe published by Digital leaf Ltd 
I Think I Murdered Miss  by Billy Bob Buttons published by The Wishing Shelf Press
Myopia by Jeff Gardiner published by Crooked Cat Publishing

Finalists for Autumn 2013 (September, October, November 2013)

Eden's Garden 
by Juliet Greenwood  published by Honno Press
Bad Moon Rising by Frances di Plino published by Crooked Cat Publishing 
The Matthew Chance Legacy  by Stephen Clegg  published by Austin MaCauley 

Non Fiction:
You've Gone Too Far This Time Sir
by Danny Bent published by Taylor Street Books
Proverbs and Sayings in Pictures
by Helen J Bate published by Pictures to Share C.I.C.
Simply Spiritual  
by Jacqueline Rogers published by Local Legend

No Buts, Becky!
 by Jose Patterson published by Troubador Publishing Ltd 
Burly & Grum and The Secret City by Kate Tenbeth published by Magic Toy Books 
Weasels by Elys Dolan published by Nosy Crow

Finalists for Summer 2013 (June, July, August 2013)
Turn of the Tide
by Margaret Skea published by Capercaillie Books
The Blake Curse by I. C. Camilleri published by Pneuma Springs Publishing
One Missed Step by Barbara Morris published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd

Non Fiction:
How Not to Murder Your Grumpy Old Man
by Carol E Wyer published by Safkhet Publishing
For There is Hope
by Martin Stepek published by Fleming Publications
Mother Departs
by Tadeusz Różewicz published by Stork Press

Felicity Fly meets Veronica Vac by Christina Gabbitas published by Poems and Pictures Ltd
Tabitha Posy was ever so Nosy  by Julie Fulton published by Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd
Lily Lovebug and the Unconquered Planet by T.P. Ripley published by Crooked Cat Publishing