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Sins of the Father
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Sins of the Father

Subtitle The Haunted Life of Doctor James Parker
By Harry Riley
ISBN 9781905809776
Autumn 2013


Two young men whose paths were doomed to cross even before they were born.

Billy Turpin grows up to become a successful businessman, with charismatic charm. James Parker becomes a doctor, often suffering fits of depression and who suspects that his generous benefactor: Billy Turpin, is also a psychopathic killer.

Author's Biography

Harry Riley was born in Nottingham. He retired from a lifetime of commercial printing. Married with two grown up children. His interests include reading classics, war memoirs. Writing novels, poetry, short stories. Broadcasting on local radio. Editing community magazine. Writing monthly column for local newspaper. Member of ‘Eastwood Writers Group.’


"Brilliantly executed murder mystery novel … A book that is riveting and kept me engrossed with its sinister plot and many twists and turns."
Heather Webster, Nottingham

Price: £9.99

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Reader Comments

A well constructed story. Absorbing