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The Matthew Chance Legacy
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The Matthew Chance Legacy

By Stephen Clegg
Published by Austin Macauley
ISBN 9781849633987
Autumn 2013


The Matthew Chance Legacy is the gripping, split-storyline sequel to Maria's Papers.

In 2006, historical researcher Naomi Wilkes and her intrepid friends and allies uncover new documentation dating back to the early 1800's, and are thrown back into a dangerous pursuit of the truth surrounding ownership of the Whitewall Estate in Lancashire.

Author's Biography

IIn 2012, Stephen's debut novel ‘Maria's Papers’ was nominated for ‘The Desmond Elliott Prize 2013’ and shortlisted for ‘The People’s Book Prize Summer 2013.’ Remarkably, both ‘Maria’s Papers’ and ‘The Matthew Chance Legacy’ were chosen to present to the Critic’s Circle this year as prizes at their annual conference, out of over 800 submissions. Now Stephen is happily writing more stories following historic researcher Naomi Wilkes and her intrepid and unusual bunch of allies, as she becomes embroiled in ever more dangerous and mysterious adventures.


 Price: £9.99

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Reader Comments

very nice book
This really good sequel to Maria's papers is certainly worthy of being in the running for a prize. I so enjoyed this book and look forward to book #3.. It's very refreshing to find a novel conceived out of the authors quest to find his ancestors... Very well written and I understand that both of the books may be turned into films... Well done Mr. Clegg, I fully endorse your writings...
Absolutely loved this gripping book and couldn't put it down. The only downside is I now have to wait for the next one......hurry up Mr Clegg!
I thought the first outing was excellent, but the author has outdone himself this time. Glad to see this isn't the end of the series too, keep them coming. A riveting read!
just started reading Maria's Papers,excellent so far
I enjoyed reading this book as much as I enjoyed reading "Maria's Papers". It is a beautiful story!
An excellent sequel to Maria`s Papers
An excellent book. A worthy successor to Maria's Papers. Keep up the good work Mr Clegg!
A masterful blend of drama and history, A splendid sequel to Maria's Papers that has me anxiously awaiting another sequel!
Excellent reading great following on from Maria's Papers.really enjoyed.
Enjoyable better written than the first
Clever, clever writer,fascinating storylines, cant wait for the next book
I have been totally captivated by both of Stephen Clegg's marvelous books, 'Maria's Papers' and 'The Matthew Chance Legacy'. From the opening lines of the very first paragraph, Mr. Clegg draws you into the story and holds you in rapt attention as you turn the pages as quickly as you can read them. He is a master story teller; consequently, I love his way with words and the characters, which are all amazing. Now, I must patiently wait for his next book, 'The Emeregence of Malatere'. I hope it is soon!
Wonderful Author
I would certainly recommend this book as an excellent, well written second book by Stephen. A thoroughly engrossing and flowing sequel to his first book, Maria's Papers. He is firmly on my list of favourite authors.
Love the writings of Stephen Clegg. Great story and characters.
This exciting new author is proving to be someone to follow.Dam good read yet again
Brilliant sequel. Roll on book 3
This author keeps me reading long after my bedtime! Once I start, I can't put it down. Even so, I look forward to his next when it comes out.
Just finished Mr. Clegg's second outing - wow, it was an excellent follow-up to Maria's Papers! Roll on the the third - can't wait...
What an excellent follow up book. This is the second in the series...and can't wait for the third!
Another excellent book from this greatly under-rated writer. Keep them coming Steve.
Another excellent novel Stephen. Please keep them coming!
A friend recommended this author to me, and although I don't usually read many books, these stories have had me hooked.
Hearty recommendations to anybody who hasn't given this book go. You won't be disappointed.
Great read.
This author has become one of my favourites- more please!
The way that the book alternates between storylines makes you feel as though you are living the history of each story. Well done Stephen, and keep up the good work!
A riveting second helping from Mr Clegg - I now look forward to his next!
This was a very engaging story and an excellent sequel to the author's first novel, Maria's Papers
A brilliant read.