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By Elys Dolan
Published by Nosy Crow
ISBN 9780857631992
Autumn 2013


Weasels – what do they do all day? Eat nuts and berries? Frolic in leaves? Lurk in the dark? Argue with squirrels? Hide in their weasel holes? Well, all these are wrong. What they really do is . . . plot world domination.

Find out how their dastardly plans are foiled in this hilarious, off-the-wall debut picture book from a shiny new star in the children’s book firmament, Elys Dolan.

Author's Biography

Elys grew up in a part of Sussex, England that consists almost entirely of trees and cows and she was named after a department store in Wimbledon, London. She’s never let either of these things hold her back and Elys recently graduated with distinction from the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art.


“Sometimes – not often enough – you come across a book that’s fun from start to finish and which you could enjoy at almost any age. Weasels by Elys Dolan is just such a picture book, and tells both of their plans for world domination and how they are hilariously thwarted. I heartily recommend it.” - The Scotsman

"Insanely brilliant." - The Sunday Telegraph

Price: £10.99

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Reader Comments

Fun, full of fab detail, all animal life is here. All about us!
A wonderful idea, carried through with great pictures and an eye for hilarious detail.
Brilliant book!
The world would be a better place with more coffee and weasels
Very individual style
a lovely book, with plenty for the grown ups to enjoy as well !
yaaaayyeeeee Ely !!!
LOVE this book, everything from the brilliantly detailed, quirky illustrations to the megalomaniac, frappacino-quaffing weasels and the OHSW weasels and their attempts to solve the many problems along the way to world domination. Genuis, and a delight to both kids, teachers, and pretend grownups like myself who simply love cool picture books :)
A special book, there's nothing else like it.
My daughter loves it. I love it. What more needs to be said?
Great illustrations and very different.
Something new to discover every time you read it!
This book was a huge success with children with reading difficulties. They adored the pictures and it stimulated lots of discussion as well encourging them to have a go at the text to find out what was going on. Wonderful fun with superb illustrations. You see more detail every time you read it!!