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Burly & Grum and The Secret City
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Burly & Grum and The Secret City

By Kate Tenbeth
Published by Magic Toy Books
ISBN 9780957211957
Autumn 2013


Burly and Grum show their friend Max a secret city in the middle of the forest but hunters are tracking them down.

Throw in some big cats, Grum's mother and brothers, Mike the Angel, a deer and a few ducks and the day becomes very exciting!

Author's Biography

Kate lives in Essex in the UK with her son and two cats, Puzzle and Bud.


It is a very good book I couldn't but it down I am just blown away it is just amazing fab - Amazon UK customer.

My 5 year old absolutely loved this story when I read it at bed time. Very interesting for a child - Amazon UK customer.

Burly & Grum and The Secret City is a fantastic book from a sure-to-be successful author. Its colourful characters and mischievous humour are great for both kids and big kids alike - Amazon UK customer.

Price: £3.77

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Reader Comments

Wonderful reading, my kids absolutely loved it! Kate can do no wrong with her childrens books!
Brilliant and great fun!
Brilliant book that the whole family enjoyed! Well done Kate!
Brilliant stories - you feel a part of the book.
I have bought a copy for every child I know... it's that good!
The story is delightful, it flows, it's funny but it also has a couple of really good messages about friendship and looking after the environment. More important than all this though - my son loved it!
i love Burly and Grum's naughty, it's very funny. High praise indeed from my 5 year old! I think the story has the right balance for children and both my kids (5 and 7) identified with the characters. It's a lovely book - what more can I say?
Absolutely brilliant. My children loved this book. Thank you for giving my family so much joy.
My son laughed like a drain when the penny dropped about Captain Quentin Tee's name - he just couldn't stop, it was so infectious! We giggled the rest of the way through the book and both loved it - the characters are great, the writing is great. I think this is an author with a great future - keep writing!
Can't wait to read more Burly and Grum tales :)
fantastic book which my children loved and laughed out loud many times.
Burly and Grum books are the best! n x
This book is superbly written, my daughter just loves them and cannot go to bed without having at least one of these books read to her.
The groblin is sure to capture the child's imagination.
Great read!
What a great book! Can't wait to read more of Burly & Grum's adventures! The stories appeal on so many levels - more please!
excellent book read to and by my grandchildren who just loved the characters and the story, more please from Kate.
The charming adventures of Burly and Grum continue is this beautifully crafted sequel. Again, the story is infused with gentle humour that will have you chuckling as you read, and the illustrations capture the characters and mood perfectly. I don't even have kids so I had to buy this for all the ones I knew!
It's a great book for children to learn about how animals are sometimes treated by humans. It's done in a fun and humorous way. Really loveable characters.
A great book to read aloud for the reader (me) and the listener (my 4 year old).
Extremely enjoyable !
My son adores this book!
Kate is a great author and a great friend!
A fantastic book with great characters!
Kate is a truly promising author who is gathering fans - I think she has a great future in children's writing.
A fabulous read which gave enjoyment and laughter to all the Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 children from our school. The focus on friendship was one topic of conversation that the children could clearly relate to. Kate visited our school which brought her story of becoming an author and why she wrote the story to life for the children. The class teachers and the children are looking forward to her return visit and learning more about the Burly and Grum Adventures!
I took this book on holiday to read to my grandchildren and they really enjoyed it. It is funny and yet thought provoking and it carried an environmental message which the kids caught onto straight away. The characters are likeable and interesting and, of course, the girls loved Grum as he is a little 'naughty'. Nanna preferred Burly, much more responsible! I think Ms Tenbeth has a bright future ahead of her and we are all waiting for more stories about Burly and Grum. Soon please!
A brilliant read. Very cleverly written. It made me smile. A parent (or grandparent) can read this to the youngest child and enjoy the wit, but more importantly can read it and be transported back into being IN the story. My grandaughter loves the story so much that we HAVE to read it when she visits. More importantly, a child reading it will find two great new friends and share in their adventures. It made me want to read about future adventures!
This is a wonderful story about the meaning of friendship that all children can relate it. It's funny, well written, has quirky characters and is beautifully illustrated. Kate came along to my son's school and I can honestly say he and all the other kids were absolutely captured by 'The Secret City'. They loved Grum the groblin (the 'naughty' one who doesn't quite know the rules) and quite frankly every child should have a bear like Burlington! 'Burly & Grum and the Secret City' is definitely worth reading!
Well done Kate Tenbeth for Burly & Grum and the Secret City. A truly brilliant book that the kids loved........ (and me). ;)
A truly brilliant book for children, it really lets their imagination come alive.
Such an amazing book by a fantastic author
What a wonderful book to read to my nephew!
What a brillant book A real great read My Children love it Highly recommended
My daughter and I both love this book!
I highly recommend this book for children. Great read.
What a great read! Kids will love this book. Not only that is supports the wonderful charity The Born Free Foundation. A must have for children. Engaging read ...
A greatly enjoyable read, full of charm.
A fantastic story, very well written. It is nice to have a book that children can actually learn things from without even realising they are learning. Well worth a read.
Absolutely fantastic read! The characters are super fun and creative. Really great fun to read and act out with young children, adults too!! (: Highly recommend it!!
absolutely charming little childrens book, great fun to read and especially to try and do all the voices
'Burly & Grum and The Secret City' will surely rank alongside "Wind In The Willows' and 'Winnie The Pooh' - amongst the top tier of children's fantasy books.
This is a lovely book. I originally downloaded it for my youngest daughter, but my eldest ended up reading it, too. They adored it. It's well written, the characters are memorable and there's plenty of humor. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good story to share with their children.