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Lily Lovebug and the Unconquered Planet
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Lily Lovebug and the Unconquered Planet

By T.P. Ripley
ISBN 9781908910431
Category Children's Science Fiction/Aliens
Summer 2013


Meet Lily - the ten year old, the tomboy, the runaway, the prisoner, the snake charmer, animal friend, adventurer and space explorer! Lily the star-ship captain, the commander, the outlaw, the fighter, the hero, the saviour of Earth; none other than Mother Nature – Lily Lovebug.

Price: £5.99

Author's Biography

Born, educated and still living in Rotherham, Trevor Ripley left school at 16 years old having received a relatively poor education. After a varied selection of jobs he now works as Case Manager at Rotherham Hospital and writes for enjoyment.

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Reader Comments

Great reading!
A fantastic book for children to read with it's captivating story which has the potential to inspire young minds and broaden the joy of literature. The story of Lily Lovebug is brilliantly conveyed to the reader through the ever descriptive use of language which comes to life when being read to an audience.A*.
Amazing book! I bought it for my children and they loved it.
Great book
Brilliant book!!
I believe Lily Lovebug and the Unconquered Planet should win the People's Book Prize. This is a story about a great little girl who become the hero!!
My daughter loves this book and also did her homework project based on this book too. Fantastic read she can't wait til the next one by Trevor ripley 5 stars x
Brilliant read for all ages - adults included :) I loved it!
Great book
Excellent book for children to read alone, parents to read with children, or for adults with imaginations to read I love it thanks for the adventure Trev good luck
Lily Lovebug is a fantastic read hope everyone votes for it! Full of entertaining and disgusting characters plus action galore - what more could you ask?
Amazing descriptions, you can imagine every detail coming to life. A fantastic book for adults to read to younger children and enjoy with them, or ideal for older children who love gross, thrilling and exciting adventures.
It is brilliantly written it brings the characters to life in the minds of the reader as if they are there 'eavesdropping' on conversations and situations described.
A proper page-turner!
Just read the first chapters and cannot wait to complete this book (i am still a child at heart)
Brilliant fun! Superbly engaging.