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Subtitle The Secret to Exceptional Leadership and Performance
By Floyd Woodrow and Simon Acland
Published by Elliot & Thompson
ISBN 978 1908739452
Category Business
Spring 2013


For more than 20 years, Floyd Woodrow served in the SAS, operating at the level of the elite. Since leaving, he has bought these motivational techniques to businesses, governments and sports teams around the world. Together with business writer and entrepreneur Simon Acland, Floyd shares the secrets of elite success.

Author's Biography

Floyd Woodrow served in the SAS for over 20 years, winning the Distinguished Conduct Model for Bravery. He is now Chairman and CEO of Chrysalis Communications, the world's leading values-based performance optimisation organisation. Simon Acland is a venture capitalist and the author of entrepreneurship guide Angels, Demons and Vultures.


A common-sensical yet thought-provoking guide to becoming a leader. Emma De Vita, We may never attain the standards of the SAS, but at least with Elite we can march towards success with a 'he who dares makes a profit' philosophy. The Nassau Guardian 

Price: £16.99

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Reader Comments

Great informational book from a great friend and inspiration.
Having had the good fortune to experience some of Floyds training first hand, the book pulls it all together and provides great context in an easy to read format. Great insight and an inspirational read.
Great to read a book that puts all the theory into practice whoever you are, by someone who knows what they are talking about...truly inspirational.
Excellent read!
testing comments
An insightful, informative, and inspirational view on how to improve performance - not just theory but with a great perspective on how to apply it and therefore deliver actual, and indeed tangible, benefit! A book clearly written by individuals who have been there, seen it and done it.... very successfully!
great read - in the case full time in case of emergencies!
Outstanding understandings articulated equally outstanding. Greatest thought (and action) leader in the UK.
Fantastically inspiring book!!!
Both inspirational and useful in modern day business! A must read for any entrepreneur!
Simple yet effective advice with the background to back it up.
An insightful, intelligent and inspirational read.
A great combination of authors who have produced a truly inspirational book for all of us who want to get the best out of ourselves. Roll on the next one!
These two are a great combination and have produced a book that is unusual and relevant. Recommended!
Outstanding understandings with outstanding articulation from a world class, elite, leader.
In search of excellence - and how we can all achieve it - practical and incisive. A brilliant first book RC
Great book!
GThis proved to be a highly readable and insightful book that brought the key elements that are essential when striving to perform at the highest level whether on a personal or professional basis. Floyd and Simon have struck up a dynamic fusion of very different yet surprisingly complimentary occupations where the ability to really understand oneself as well as others proves to be so important. A book that covers complex and challenging concepts in an interesting and absorbing manner. Highly commended for all those who seek to really want to up their game and get the most out of themselves.
This is a really inspiring read, a mixture of well thought through amd articulated strategy, underpinned by the accepted pedagogy, and most importantly - made believable by the pedigree and experiences of the writer. Bring on the next one!
Brilliant that's all I have to say as the book speaks for itself.
A truly inspirational person, whose values are brought to life within the pages of Elite.
made me want to go out there and win
Inspirational read.Every CEO/MD of every company should try and ensure his/her managers read this book.
Floyd highly deserves this prize. A great guy, always willing to share and help.
Very inspiring to a pilgrim always trying to do the right thing.
An interesting and practical book of advice on motivation and management from venture capitalist Simon Acland and SAS hero Floyd Woodrow.
Floyd Woodrow is an inspirational person who motivates others to want to excel. This book is a synopsis of his view on what it takes to deliver Elite performance and exceptional leadership. It's a great read with some inspirational, and in places witty content from someone who has been there and done it. Highly recommended.