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Subtitle A Novel of Fun and Romance
By Eileen Thornton
ISBN 978-1481081757
Category Romance
Spring 2013


SOMETIMES LOVE NEEDS A HAND... Despite their different personalities, Connie, Sadie, Jenny, and Lucy have been friends for years. None of them are happy with the current state of their lives

Author's Biography

Born on Tyneside, Eileen Thornton now lives in Kelso in the Scottish Borders with her husband Phil. She took up writing purely as a hobby in 2001, but found herself hooked. For several years she wrote articles and short stories for national magazines, until she decided to write a novel. Her first novel, The Trojan Project, an action thriller was published in 2008.


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Price: £8.99

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Reader Comments

Just the biz for a long weekend, I really enjoyed this book. Highly recommended .......
An easy read with lots of fun. I recommend this book.
A delightful read. Full of fun & I simply love the characters, especially Sadie. Not to be missed.
A Great read!
As bubbly as the champagne the four women love to drink. is a heart-warming story that is bound to inspire and re-educate any woman rendered cynical and emotionally battered following a divorce. Follow Eileen's four heroines as they rediscover themselves, rebuild their self-belief and succeed beyond their wildest dreams, not just in business, but also in love.
Highly recommended - couldn't put it down.