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The Quirky Medium
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The Quirky Medium

Subtitle The extraordinary life of an unlikely clairvoyant, star of TV’s
By Alison Wynne-Ryder
Published by Local Legend
ISBN 978-1-907203-47-3
Category Biography
Spring 2013


Shivers down the spine… the most incredible and often terrifying stories of a rescue medium’s courageous work. Yet Alison is the most unlikely person to become a clairvoyant – she’s frightened of ghosts! She describes how her extraordinary gifts developed and how she works to bring spiritual guidance to others.

Author's Biography

Alison is the ‘angel Lady with a difference’, host of the TV show Rescue Mediums, putting herself at risk to achieve peace for haunted homeowners and to send misguided spirits ‘to the light’. She lives in Cheshire with her husband John, her dog and cats.


 …original and imaginative, genuinely exploring the strengths and fallibilities of the human spirit… everyone who struggles with life’s troubles will recognise themselves in the story…” PREDICTION MAGAZINE, March 2013 - Nigel Peace 

Price: £8.00

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Reader Comments

Lovely book to read and the index sections are really useful, you will refer back to this book many times. Very detailed and easy to read
Fantastic really interedting
An inspiration to many x
All my friends are reading my copy now!
I found the book a privilege to read
I absolutely could not put this book down. Allison truly is an angel. This is a must read!!
Excellent Lady and amazing insight ,, please vote for Allison
Loving your book its brilliant. xxx
love the book alison xx
brilliant book, have read it 3x so far and will be reading it again,enjoyable and educational all wrapped up in one place! fab xx
Love the work Alison does and am planning to buy the book!
Alison is a very talented lady and a wonderful inspiring book to ready
Hi Alison congrats on your new book; where in Canada can I buy the book or is it just in U.K.
Great job on your new book Alison... Congrats! :)
Wonderful read and so inspirational as well...loved it!!
deliciously glorious read. my thanks to her grandmother in spirit and to those that helped. if you are reading the words from fellow readers and it inspires you to pick up this book, do so quickly.
A great read!
Wonderful inspiring book
Excellent read! Stephanie de Winter
Fantastic book written by a very inspiring lady
absolutely brilliant book, it's as if the author is in the room with you. would recommend it to everyone. have actually lent it my sister!!
This is the ultimate book! - Layke
This is a brilliantly funny book, giving an insight into Alison's life that so easy to read. If you want to know about the angelic realm look no further than this insightful book.
The Quirky Medium is the literary equivalent of chatting over a cappuccino in your favourite coffee shop with a very dear friend - informative, lively, comforting and so much more. I will certainly be reading this book again and again.
Alison is a wonderful gifted psychic/medium, always positive and inspiring. Looking forward to reading her new book!
I thoroughly enjoyed read The Quirky Medium, the book inspired me to start meditating again. Meditating is so relaxing and helps one cope with the day to day stresses of life. I recommended The Quirky Medium to my daughter and then I bought her a copy for her Christmas stocking. Recommended to anyone.
Amazing book. Absolutely great and feel good book
A wonderful book that explains how difficult it is to cope with a special gift. I was also someone whose gift was, and is, hidden by fear. A lone parent who also suffered domestic abuse. This book is for both believers, non believers and those who are curious about life beyond the physical. The A-Z at the end of the book is a great resource and reference. Don't miss this great read.
An extraordinary story of great courage and sensitivity. Alison's life and work inspires us to realise that the spiritual world is all around us.
Alison tells the story of how she came to understand and appreciate her gift. She's a down to earth woman that has faced the challenges of failed relationships and being a single Mum like so many of us. In the midst of all this, she has this talent, this knack for seeing and knowing. Eventually she comes to understand her gift and then uses it to help others in this world and the next. Well done Alison.
Inspirational read with depth of honesty shared.
I have read this book, and it was fantastic, i could relate to some of the experiences and it touched me on a real personal level.
Very informative book for those who are starting out on their spiritual journey. It is funny, sad, & scary at the same time. I couldn't put it down.
Excellent writer, many thanks
Definitely a true 'Quirky Medium' This is book is spooky, funny, moving & quirky all at the same time!
Wonderful book and a great read. Cant wait for the next one!!!
This book is a fab easy to read book. It is both touching and spine chilling and has inspired me so much.