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Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness
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Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness

By Rich Pitman
ISBN 978 0957243439
Category Fantasy
Spring 2013


When Jimmy Threepwood is collected to face his dark destiny and destroy the world with his supernatural powers, he is faced with a choice...but what lengths will he go to for the sake of revenge? 

Even heroes do bad things

Author's Biography

Rich is originally from Newport, South Wales. He is the author of the children's fantasy series, Jimmy Threepwood, starting with The Veil of Darkness and to be followed by the second book, Jimmy Threepwood and the Elixir of Light. Jimmy Threepwood


Price:  £7.99

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Reader Comments

fantastic book def recommend
A brilliant read, with intriguing plots and characters. Looking forward to reading the next one.
Great story - recommended!
Great stuff, an exciting read!
Brill book x x x
Brilliant book! :)
Loved it
Great read, author should be proud! Looking forward to the next one.
amazing book cant wait for the next one to be released FAB
The author is really friendly and writes a great book, bring on the next one
great read cant wait for the next instalment
I LOVE this book! It is very well written and I bet adults aswell as children will like this book too!
A great enjoyable book to read, cant wait for the next book to be released. A+++
Great Author, great book.
Gets my vote - imaginative and fresh, hurry with the next book.
Wonderful fantasy book for children and the young at heart. It definitely gets my vote!
Brilliant book, fab aouthor, who visited our school and inspired the children with his story telling.
Brilliant book for children excellent read
This book is fantastic and appeals to both adults and children. I would highly recommend this read and hope that the author carries on writing about Jimmy Threepwood and his friends. I very much look forward to reading more.
One of the best books of it's genre. The original twist of telling the story from the villain's perspective is genius and some of the sub-stories within the larger story arc are just wonderful touches. I love this book.
bought this book for my grandchildren and they cant wait for book two!
I have to say that I bought Jimmy Threepwood to read to my children; however whilst reading the book, I started to become hooked myself. Rich Pitman has got a great sense of imagination and has brought children's books to a new level....I (sorry we !!) look forward to the next out J K Rowling, you've got competition :-)
I loved this book, was totally hooked from the beginning and cannot wait for the next installment :)
Really enjoyed the book was page turning. Can not wait for the follow up. I know it is a children's book but I enjoyed myself.
awsome book. my 9yr old loves it
Great book with plenty to keep you wanting to read just one more page...and another... and another!
Really awesome read and well written. Have loved every min!
Great read for children and the young at heart. Lookin forward to the next book
Good read for children and young at heart adults! very imaginative and look forward to book two asap!!
I love this book with all my being, I would recommend to all my friends and I cannot wait for the next one!