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Grandma Bendy
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Grandma Bendy

By Izy Penguin
ISBN 978-1-84886-077-3
Category Children's 3-7yrs
Spring 2013


A quirky story about a bendy burglar, who learns the error of her ways. Grandma Bendy is the bendiest grandma.She has twizzly arms and super stretchy legs! 

In the past Grandma Bendy used her skills for bad and was an excellent burglar. However a taste of her own medicine sets her on the straight and narrow! Grandma Bendy is written and illustrated by first time author Izy Penguin.

Author's Biography

Izy was born in Hexham, a small town in Northumberland and started making up tales from an early age, even convincing her neighbour that there was a witch living in the shed of next doors garden. 

Before Grandma Bendy, Izy illustrated and wrote books (and the odd silly rhyme) for her friend’s children, before finding a publisher 5 years later!


"Many years ago, Grandma Bendy used her stretchy limbs for all manner of ill deeds until a taste of her own medicine set her straight. Now the pliable pensioner must use her elastic appendages to atone for her pilfering past and become the coolest Grandma in town. Perfect for lively preschoolers, this is a cheeky tale with dynamic illustrations and a sincere message at its heart." JUNIOR MAGAZINE 

Price: £6.99 

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Reader Comments

A fabulous, fun book. The illustrations compliment the story perfectly.
Fresh and engaging - love the illustrations.
A great read and the illustrations are first class. More please !!
Brilliant book. My daughter LOVES it! Can't wait for more by Izy Penguin!
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this story to our two grandchildren aged 4 and 7yrs. The artists work certainly caught their imagination and the text suited their ability to understand and re-act. Their comment is there another story about Grandma Bendy. I think this says it all.
Brilliant book, a fun story and lovely illustrations.
Lovely story and fantastic illustrations.
Fantastic book! The story and illustrations are so colourful and exciting. The young children I look after absolutely love it and are always asking me to read it to them.
This is my favourite book and my kids love it too!!!!!!
Great idea and lovely illustration.
My daughters all time favourite book - we now know it off by heart! Grandma Bendy tv series next please
Fantastic book! A funny, daring, 'out there' story for young and old alike. My little one couldn't stop laughing when i acted out Grandma Bendy's movements. The illustrations are top notch too.
I love the little mice in this lovely quirky book. Good Luck Izy and can't wait to also see on TV.