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Travels with my Harp
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Travels with my Harp

Subtitle The Complete Autobiography
By Mary O'Hara
ISBN 9780856832857
Category Music
Winter 2012


Mary O’Hara’s voice and harp delighted audiences all over the world and her recordings continue to sell. Her story is an inspiring tale of triumph over tragedy, helped by her deep religious faith and the many friends she met during her career. Her story is recounted with warmth and humour.

Author's Biography

Born in Ireland, she became a singing star at the age of 16. She fell in love with a young American poet but their marriage only lasted 15 months. Grief-stricken, she entered a monastery. Twelve years later she emerged and resumed her career, touring the world to even greater


An aura of genius attends her, something indefinable which goes straight to the heart' Evening Press, Dublin ‘Shows her mastery … with their haunting melodies and almost magical power’ Daily Telegraph ‘Delicate as dew on a shamrock … Her performance is pure poetry’ The Australian ‘There is a magic and a balm for the spirit in her serene art’ New Zealand Times ‘Exquisite purity and delicacy which almost defies description’ Washington Evening Star £25.00

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Reader Comments

A splendid read
Mary O'Hara's new book is very moving and uplifting. She writes with a great honesty and recounts her life and times with dignity and warmth. Her faith is inspiring
Mary O'Hara's book was such an enjoyable read. Her easy reading style had me smiling, chuckling, and tearful and kept my interest right through to the end. Mary's life appears to have been one of tremendous contrasts both in terms of her wide experiences, her joys and her sorrows. All of this is so well expressed in the book. As I was reading it, I kept thinking of friends and family who would enjoy it. It makes one want to wish her well as the story continues...... Janine Dudding
Excellent book! Travels with My Harp will appeal to Mary's fans or anyone who enjoys a good autobiography
Enjoyed Mary's book very much - what an interesting life and vividly described. Highly recommended!
A lovely book. Great to hear what Mary has been up to since retiring from performing. Her descriptions of life in Africa are very interesting
A thoroughly absorbing read from a lady who has led a very interesting and varied life. Highly recommended!
Good and interesting read.
A lovely story from one of Ireland's icons.
This book is written in a very readable style with great honesty, integrity and indeed humour. For readers of Mary's first autobiography, the bestselling Scent of the Roses, this book will bring them up to date with her life since 1980 . New readers will be touched by this incredible story of heartbreak, courage and adventure complete with a happy ending. Her insights and observations during her years in Africa with husband Pat seem very astute. Adventures there include finding herself cheek to cheek with an Alpha baboon and other incredible bush stories. Regarded by many as the sweetest voice of her generation,Mary's book will not disappoint.