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The Little Book of Prison
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The Little Book of Prison

Subtitle A Beginners Guide
By Frankie Owens
Published by Waterside Press
ISBN 9781904380832
Category self-help/how-to
Winter 2012


A masterpiece in comic writing, the LBP is an easy-to-read prison survival guide of do's and don'ts. Perfect for anyone facing trial for an offence that may lead to imprisonment, their families and friends and is packed with humour as well as more serious items.

Author's Biography

Frankie Owens was prisoner A1443CA at Her Majesty’s pleasure until 2 August 2011. If he had been given the information gathered in LBP, he thinks that the first weeks inside would have been better and the learning curve not as steep.


Funny and educational, in a tongue in cheek kind of way, and has a much wider appeal than you might think': ‘I roared with laughter one minute, winced with pain the next, and was left wondering why we have prisons at all': Tim Robertson, Chief Executive, The Koestler Trust. 'Absolutely hilarious, I'm not sure it'll ever be standard prison issue but maybe it should be!’: Koestler Award Judges As featured on BBC Radio 5 Live and in The Guardian; in leading prison newspaper Inside Time; in Church Times; on BBC Radio; and around the web, including RSA, The Huffington Post, Sabotage Times. 

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Price: £8.99

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Reader Comments

Engaging, the book draws you to read and laugh. The honest and individual style is very appealing.
SPOT ON ! I am tempted to compose the female version. But then again "I'll tell em nothing"
Humorous and informative, a great read for everyone interested in prison.
I really enjoyed this book. Like Frankie I wish i had a reference point to prepare me. Well done
An excellent read with a great style
Well done Frankie. I hope writing this book has helped you as much as it will help others. A great read but hopefully I'll only ever benefit from the humour and insight.
A really useful little book!
What a read by a great new author who has come a long long way. You don't need to be planning a trip to prison to read this either! Honest, enthralling and humorous
Not planning a prison visit but one never knows !! Highly readable and humorous . The sadness of drugs and alcohol abuse on a family. Hope !
Loved the book, great man making a difference.
Light hearted yet thought provoking read, glad he's come out of the end of the tunnel !
Excellent book, very funny and from the heart.
Great book. Well-written, comic, informative and poignant.
Very informative book, tells it as it is.
The man knows what he is talking about - a good read
Great book. Not just a page turner but a real eye opener.
A "Peoples" author
A must read for anyone who needs to be reminded life is a bumpy ride, but not mater what you must never give up.
Cannot recommend this book highly enough!
A book that gives you a real insight of what prison is really like for a first time offender who can only base his expectations on what he has seen on tv. A mix of so many emotions.
If can do more to improve the life of those in prison and help intervene before they get there the country would the better for it. Clearly this is a great contribution to this agenda.
This book is entertaining, funny and definately worth a read. It gives an irreverant commentary on life in the slammer and also provides some genuinly useful tips. Useful and riproaring in equal measure.
this is a great book written by someone who's been there and done it. I sincerely hope Frankie wins.
Looking forward to reading this recommended read.
Brilliant book, a must-read for anyone with even the slightest bit of interest in prisons.
A combination of humour, sadness, eyebrow raising, and cringefully toe curling emotions! A sometimes painfully frank journey, where the author clearly retains a sense of humour and positivity where others may have given up.