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The Carbon Cycle
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The Carbon Cycle

Subtitle Crossing the Great Divide
By Kate Rawles
ISBN 9781906120634
Category travel/holiday
Winter 2012


Kate Rawles cycled 4553 miles from Texas to Alaska, following the Rocky Mountains as closely as possible, talking to Americans about climate change “ from truck drivers to the Mayor of Albuquerque“ to find out what they knew about it, whether they cared and what they thought they could do.

Author's Biography

Kate works as a lecturer in Outdoor Studies at the University of Cumbria and as a freelance outdoor philosopher, writer, lecturer and campaigner. Kate is a sea-kayaker as well as a long-distance cyclist. She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and sits on the Food Ethics Council.


Kate Rawles sets out to discover about global warming the hard way ...' Michael Palin 'A wonderfully rich and insightful narrative ... Sir Jonathon Porritt

Price: £11.99

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Reader Comments

An inspiring and eye opening read.
We need mre of this kind of travel that has a purpose and is fun!
This is a fabulous book. It delivers a very important message in a very accessible way.
A very entertaining and thought-provoking book. Kate effectively gets the message across about the urgency of changing the way we treat the planet but at the same time, gives a funny and exciting account of a very impressive journey.
Great book on climate change and what a great journey
Excellent, inspiring, thought provoking, readable.
This is an adventure story with a crafted message that doesn't lose it's reader. Hard to do but very well done
really important message, and a really inspiring way to communicate it.
I think it matters that people do these sorts of trips and share their stories afterwards. To me it's not just about the story of the journey: it's the inspiration it can provide.
Great book that brings climate change to life, through a terrific story with a humorous approach. Recommended.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Dr. Rawles' fantastic bike journey through America and Canada. What a challenge! And interesting stories along the way about the people she encounters. A truly enjoyable story.
A great book on so many levels- inspires adventure, thought provoking regarding human interaction with our environment, awareness raising of the many different perspectives, useful statistics yet still warm, funny and personal. Thankyou! I am delighted to say I have a signed copy and , in the interests of recycling, will be lending it to everyone I know!
Truly inspiring,book from a truly inspiring person
A must read because it's a great read. But also a must read because it matters that we all take this stuff seriously and get others to wake up and do something about it.
Everyone should read this's wonderful. Truly inspirational.
A fantastic and epic journey by an inspirational woman!
This book brings to life, the most important issue ever to confront mankind.
An insightful reflection on the Ultimate Challenge. Kate's documented journey is an honest tool to engage with friends and family who are sceptical of climate change. I've given the book to my dad to read - he's my personal challenge and is similar to many of the people Kate met on her journey.
A fabulous read, and extraordinary women and a huge journey. The physical and mental demands of this type of cycle is huge. Taking on carbon conversations and reflections gives and extra layer of meaning to what would have been a fascinating account anyway. Recommended and hope this book makes it to the final!
A great read! Educational as well as inspiring! Thoroughly enjoyable
This is a treasure of a book - a personal adventure of an interesting, intelligent traveler who combines her open minded examination of American people's views on climate change with an amazing cycle journey! Don't miss it.
I saw Kates presentation on her mammoth walk from south to north America and promised to buy her book.
A great inspiration from a wonderful woman! I really enjoyed this book!
My favourite read of 2013. An intellectual and inquisitive brain seeks to understand the complexities of climate change with the help of North American perspectives -- all wrapped up in an adventure story!
A beautiful and fab book by a super lady :-)
a rare combination: a book that is a delight to read that also confronts one of the fundamental issues of our time: what is our responsibility to the natural world.
Reading this book at the moment - Epic ride and read!
I enjoyed Kate's down-to-earth approach to people and to climate change as soon as I saw the manuscript (I am part of the publishing team). There is so much complicated science and academic debate about the issue of climate change - but Kate manages to bring us back to the human scale and human choices.
A great read and very timely in view if all the ghastly weather events we've had recently. It's also fun, informative and certainly gruelling at times, but Kate Rawles makes one live through it all with her.
Inspiring - a great read
Such a great book and written by a brilliant woman. Kate has always been passionate about the environment and this comes across strongly in this amazing piece of work. Well done Kate!
This book is a great read, it engages with people on many levels. It will be enjoyed by people who are interested in the environment, climate change, human adventure and cycling. It is easily accessible and an enjoyable read.
I really enjoyed this book. It makes me want to cycle in mountains and visit the places Kate describes. It makes me think about the way we live on the planet. And I want to meet Kate!
This was a fantastic book that has everything. It is well-written, has great descriptions of scenery, people and food, and makes us think about the environment. And, accomplishes all of this in an exciting, fun fashion. It is one of the best books I have read in years.
Enjoy the journey, as Kate takes you on her insightful quest up the spine of America. The perfect blend of human adventure and revealing climate analysis, makes this book a benchmark for a new generation of explorers (armchair or otherwise!). Essential reading.
Tremendous knowledge, enormous passion and a huge undertaking, all on two simple wheels of steely determination to make a difference.
What a splendid way to highlight the issues of climate change! It's not just the epic ride, it's engaging with people on the way - and with great humour and gentleness. A terrific read.