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The Silly Satsuma
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The Silly Satsuma

By Allan Plenderleith
ISBN 9781841613666
Category Children’s 4-8 years
Winter 2012


From the author of the bestselling Christmas classic The Smelly Sprout comes the funny and charming story of Eric Greenbogle, a little boy who is so naughty that on Christmas Day the only present Father Christmas leaves is a bright orange Satsuma, but it is no ordinary Satsuma.

Author's Biography

Allan is one of the UK’s top childrens screenwriters having worked on many children’s TV shows, including CBEEBIES, CBBC, CITV and Channel 5


Price £5.99 

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Reader Comments

Very funny
Brilliant book loved by both my children. Highly recommended!
Who would have thought a small round orange fruit could have this much fun?? not me. Brings out the child in all adults and personifies the best thing about Christmas a small simple satsuma.
A very funny book which had my two laughing. Recommended!
My son got this book given to him for christmas this year by his nana and Allans other book Smelly Sprout last year by his nan and both are hilarious and we ALL love them, I really hope he wins this as it will be well deserved.
Brilliant! Have bought loads of these for Christmas - a guaranteed kid pleaser with funny illustrations and a warm ending.
If you loved The Smelly Sprout you'll love this - a guaranteed winner with our kids, has them both laughing out loud. We love all of Allan Plenderleth's books and can't wait to see what he comes up with next.
Very funny with a sweet ending that had me choked! A lovely Christmas book to share with little ones - my son's favourite page is the zombie old ladies! Can't wait for the next one!