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Tamara Small and the Monsters' Ball
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Tamara Small and the Monsters' Ball

By Giles Paley-Phillips
ISBN 9789781848861008
Category Children’s 3-7 years
Winter 2012


On a windy night Tamara lies awake in bed, when she hears a noise outside her room. Suddenly she is whisked away by a hairy arm and taken to the village hall! Luckily it is just the monsters from her neighbourhood inviting her to their ball. She has fun dancing with all the monsters before being sent back home with a lovely slice of slime cake!

Author's Biography

Bio Giles was born in East Sussex in 1977 and grew up on the south coast. He neglected his education to pursue a career in music. He spent a number of years performing extensively around the UK, including slots at the Glastonbury festival. He is the author of several Books for children. Giles stll lives and works in East Sussex, with his wife Michelle and sons, Elijah and Sonny.


Price: £6.99

Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

So cool! My kids loved it
Good luck in the voting!
Good Luck!
Kids love monster stories - a monster's ball, dancing & cake - perfect - lovely, friendly monters after all
Thumbs up all the way!
Genius! Great job Giles.
A fabulously frightening children's book. Bravo Giles Paley-Phillips, my toddler was enthralled!
A Beautifully Illustrated book which brings the words to life before your very eyes...fabulous :)
A wonderful book and beautifully illustrated too.
big thumbs up :)
Brilliantly written, giles is an amazingly talented and creative childrens writer :)
What's not to love about Monsters? Fab:)
Giles is a very talented children's book author who deserves to be recognised. Happy to vote for him.
Great book and a lot of fun! Gets my vote! :) J
Voted :)
Beautifully written book for little and not so little ones. Brilliant bedtime read!
Fun rhyming story with fab pics - A little scary at first but loved by the end! X
What more could any girl want from a book than breakdancing werewolves and cakes made of slime - gets my vote. Good luck, Giles!
Excellent childrens book! Very creative, colorful, and funny. Giles definetly has my vote. His work is always brilliant.
Lovely book! My daughter really enjoys this one!
We love this book!! Here is our review: Good Luck Giles!
Please enter my vote -- this is a great book for children, highly recommended!! Giles has my vote and best wishes! Congrats Giles....
Awesome work Giles!
A brilliant book by a wonderful author. It most definitely gets my vote x
~ Beautifully written and so much fun to read! A child's must have in their book collection x~
Amazing book! Fabulous!
Superb as always! Another great book to increase our fabulous collection.
Good :)
Excellent book !
Wonderful story!
Enjoyable and fun.
Lovely story!
Great Book!
Another great book
Fabulous Book..... :-)
I really love how this book looks!! :) Perfect for children. :)
Lovely book, fantastically written!
Fantastic children's book a firm favourite in our house!
Wonderful, Congratulations Giles!
Delightfully funny! Makes for a good read aloud!
My kids and I loved this book. Thanks, Giles!
Well done Giles!
Good luck. Saw excellent reviews on Utube and can't wait to read this to my grand daughter.
Voted! You deserve the prize you're books are really charming and I got my little cousin reading them-he's 7 and thinks your books are fab, highly recommend!
Well done Giles! A fantastic children's book! When is the next one?
My 3 year olds new Favourite bedtime read. Have just purchased The Fearsome Beastie on Amazon at his request too and cannot wait for its arrival. Great childrens books, Thankyou!
congrats, giles!
Another fabulous book by a fabulous author! Well done Giles! MORE PLEASE! :o)
Gud writing....
Congrats Giles!
Brilliant!! Well done GIles!!
Congrats, Giles!!
Excellent book, very creative characters
Well constructed story Great monsters
Giles, you the man. Love your work. Keep rocking! Lots of
Wonderful Book!
My 3 year old son loves this book, we must have read it hundreds of times together since getting it. I love the fact the story encourages kids to face their fears with a little help from a trusted adult rather than running and hiding from them.
Great author!
fantastic book from a fantastic author!
Well done Giles! Lx
You are amazing!!
Congratulations, Giles! I hope your book wins. I love the little monster on the cover :-) Angela Orlowski-Peart
Another great story from a very talented new writer!
Brilliant book, my kids love it, hope the author Giles keeps up the good work.
Brilliant Book!
Lovely book! Exciting and wonderfully wicked! Much deserved vote
Keeps delivering child delighting books
Amazing author, amazing book!
Great fun!!
A really great read!
Superb yet again, Giles. My granddaughter adores your fabulous monsters.
A great read, fun, scary, happy with wonderful illustrations.
Congratulations, Giles!!!
A lovely book with bright and colourful illustrations alongside a cleverly written story. The rhyming words used allow little ones to join in with the reading and have quickly made it a favourite!
hits home for the age group, great fun!
It looks a brilliant read which I could imagine my 4yr old daughter really enjoying!
Congrats Giles, great book range concept... very creative!
An absolutely fantastic book to engage children wholeheartedly!
A fantastic and entertaining book for all !
Fantastic looking book!
Really fab book
This is such a great book - proving that monsters are actually fun and aren't always scary. Love it.
Giles is an amazing children's author and his new book is another fabulous story :)
Wow! is the first word that comes to my mind about this book. I am certain that this book is full of beautiful homes and I know that your home has to be one of the most beautiful in the book.Give it a try, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised!
Ava loved it
Brilliant book by a brilliant author :) my sister loves all his books, especially this one. Can't wait for the future books
Brilliant new Picture Book, by a fantastic author. I love both the story and strong illustrations in this fab book!!
Love monster books!!! Great colors, wonderful writing. :)
This is my son's favourite book. The illustrations are outstanding and it's easy for parents to read. The entire book is written in simple rhyme - allowing you to inject some fun into reading with your child. We're huge fans of Giles and he's well deserving of this nomination / award.
I love this book ad so does my toddler. He is able to recite some of the rhymes already which I think is brilliant (he's just turned 2) The illustrations prove that monsters needn't be scary at all. Highly recommended read
This author writes relentlessly good childrens books, I can't wait to introduce it to my class of 5 year olds!
Fantastic and fun! Have read it to my own children and my classes.. all loved it!
Congratulations Giles. Fantastic news and well deserved. - Discover Children's Story Centre
I have read all of Giles Paley-Phillips books, not only to my children, nieces & nephews but to the children that I work with that have learning disabilities & all have LOVED & enjoyed them. My daughter wants to be the next Tamara Small. Its lovely to show children that they don't have to be scared of "monsters". He is a very talented man who is clearly in tune with his inner child... Truly brilliant.. :o)
We loved reading this book. It reminded me a bit of the BFG by Roald Dahl, the way the Monster comes to Tamara's bedroom window to take her to the Monsters Ball. 10/10
Fantastic author!
A lovely monstrous tale, really hope it wins!
carried on from Beastie which just as much wonderment for children. a must for all kids!
Another fab book, that my Son's love x
Monsters don’t have to be scary, particularly if you are a toddler who is easily spooked! This clever and colourful picture book, full of reason and rhyme, will help little ones get their fears into perspective as well as delivering a monster feast of fun. On a windy night Tamara lies awake in bed when she hears a noise outside her room. Suddenly she is whisked away by a hairy arm and taken to the village hall. Luckily it’s just the neighbourhood monsters inviting her to their ball and after a night of dancing, she is sent back home with a lovely slice of slime cake! With big, bold pictures, a truly delightful rhyming text and a message that is the perfect remedy for night time fears, this book has all the makings of a bedtime classic.
I'd love a piece of slime cake :-)
More super fun from a super author! A different take on the usual 'monster' stories, and very popular with all the infant children I teach. An instant favourite! Well done GPP. Lucy Moss.
Wonderful and vibrant children's book which deserves to become a classic!
All of my four children 10 and under really enjoyed this enchanting story.
Go Giles! Cracking book full of monstrous fun!
Great to see many fantastic reviews on the web already for this book & it thouroughly deserves to be on the short list!
Brilliant Book!