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A Little Book Of Pleasures
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A Little Book Of Pleasures

By William Wood
ISBN 9781907984075
Autumn 2012


The small pleasures of life may be found in a state of mind, the touch of a familiar object, fleeting observations or physical pleasures. In a mad and greedy world it is these small pleasures that keep us sane and, dare we admit it, happy.To buy ebook:

Author's Biography

William Wood lives in East Sussex but has spent much of his working life abroad. William studied modern languages at Nottingham University followed by an MA in Linguistics at the new University of Monash where he was a Teaching Fellow. William realized he was not cut out to be an academic and he embarked on a nomadic career, working in India, Norway, Belgium, the Southern Sudan and in several West African countries, his favourite being Ghana. Most of his work lay in the educational or developmental fields, but writing remains a major obsession.


Price £ 7.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

Restful reading.
The Greatest Book Of Our Time
The most rewarding book I've read in a while. It's fun and refreshing, William Wood's quirky perspectives struck many chords with me. Some stories have very familiar settings, some are exotic, all are worthwhile. It's well crafted.
W.Wood covers a wide range of the human condition - childhood, foreign parts with an eye for the underdog, modern day life and its delights and frustrations and a sharp eye for absurbity and a compassionate voice for the vulnerable. In brief he encompasses a wide range and there is something for everyone either to dip into or read in its entirety. J.Richard Watson
A good read of someone elses slice of life