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If Horses Were Wishes

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If Horses Were Wishes

By Elizabeth Sellers
ISBN 9781907984082
Category 11years+
Autumn 2012


Katy Robinson, unhappy foster child, daydreams. When Katy dreams of doing something admirable the results aren’t quite what she had in mind! Her shock at waking up a horse becomes acceptance. When Sandra undertakes to find Katy-the-girl, she is able to help. Will Katy decide she prefers being a horse? To buy ebook:

Author's Biography

Elizabeth currently lives in Ottawa with her two teenage children, a German Shepherd dog called Merewyn and a cat called Merlin.  She is currently without a horse of her own once again, but hopes to remedy this very soon.


”… managed to power through more than 150 pages in one day, putting aside the fourth Harry Potter book that she had been previously reading "
 Price £7.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

A very special book for all horse lover's of any age. This book has twists and turns that will grab you the second you start reading it. I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for the sequel.
Absolutely fabulous. Hopefully there are sequels coming.
This is a wonderful book. A cross between Harry Potter and Dr Dolittle.
Our 6 year old granddaughter loves us to read this book to her!
I love this book..cant wait to read the next one..
An imaginative fantasy plot for young equine enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy a good book.
I absolutely loved this book. I want to wake up in the Glade with hooves and find Tommy, Sandra and Babs! Cannot wait to read Trouble Rides A Fast Horse
A wonderful read and highly recommended for anyone (child or adult) who wants to disappear into the pages of a great story.