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One Woman’s War
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One Woman’s War

By Eileen Younghusband
Published by Candy Jar Books
ISBN 9780956682628
Category Biography
Autumn 2012


A vivid first-hand account giving a unique and intimate picture of the Filter rooms and Bomber Command during World War Two, the operations of which were considered too secret to speak of for thirty years.

Author's Biography

Eileen Younghusband was born in London, 1921. After her time in the war, she had a variety of successful careers including hotelier, caterer and a Spanish scrap merchant. She graduated from the Open University aged 87 and now resides in Sully where she continues to write.


“We must never forget the selflessness, determination and bravery that people like Eileen showed on a daily basis during WW2. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude” - Carwyn Jones: First Minister of Wales “There is much that is remarkable about Eileen Younghusband: she is 91-years-old and is as sharp as a knife.” - Emma Soames: Editor-at-large, Saga Magazine “A fantastic insight into life as it was in one woman’s eyes from 1938...definitely one of the most exciting reads I’ve had.” - Sue Keily: Aeroplane Monthly 

Price £15.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

A very interesting tale. She truly is the emodiment of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' ethos.
Such an inspiring lady!
An amazing woman and an amazing life
fascinating and interesting read by a brilliant author. Wonderful to read about Eileen's memories of the war and her amazing account of what a woman's role was in the WAAF
As on of Trenchard's "brats", an RAF Aircraft Apprentice, I had no idea how much the plotters contributed to the war. An excellent readable factual book.
As a filter plotter mid 1950s I found this book amazing.It is beyond me how the author remembers so much after 70 years.
Wonderful reading for people like me, born in the war years,until recently reading Eileens book never realised the work of the filter room people, and how our lives depended on their fast decisions. This is gripping reading, in fact the writing is so good I can feel myself there with them, also on Eileens journeys, I love this book I have read it twice, am going to read it again soon. There are books i like to read over and over again , this is definately one of them.
An excellent book written by a truly amazing lady.
this is a book you start to read and can't put down till you have finished, I found this book to be interesting and informative.
Eileen Younghusband to win! She is a truly inspirational lady.
A fascinating history of a WAAF Officer Filterer in the Fighter Command Operations Centre during WW2 ; Eileen Younghusband shows a remarkable memory for detail after so long ago. As a Fighter Plotter myself in the mid 1950s on the GSM in No.11 Group SSOC , Fighter Command , the book revealed her experiences different to my own 10 to 15 years later. An exciting and informative read to all people interested in the war years 1939 to 1945/6.
An excellent book written by a truly amazing lady.
I wish to vote for One Woman's War but goodness me you do make it as difficult as possible to vote at all!
I vote for the book
Fantastic book, indepth insight to what the women of the 1944 war contributed to making US free and liberated....BUY it, I read it in 2 days, i found myself living it with her and wanting to know what happened next so to speak... what an interesting lady... :) Sue :)
An extraordinary book from an extraordinary woman!
As an ex-WAAF I was taken back to re-live my early service years by Eileen Younghusband's lucid record of service life. Her vivid description of her most important war work underlines the importance of the role played members of the WAAF in many diverse jobs. As a photographer in the WAAF I saw some of the results of her kind of work from the aerial photographs I had to deal with.
Lovely read. vibrant just like her personality....
This is a wonderful read by a very natural and frank writer, I just could not put it down. She provides a fast moving and gripping story of a life that was very full and changing all the time.
I have had the great pleasure of meeting this remarkable lady by chance after reading her gripping book which perfectly embodies the sprit of Britain in the 1940's. Eileen's quote to me -'We never thought for a moment we would not win this fight against Nazi Germany, especially with a leader like Winston Churchill who inspired us all'. Her memory, sprit and zest for life is incredible and inspiring.
This is a great book!
A remarkable book by a remarkable & inspirational woman! Dr D Wyatt, Cardiff University School of History & Archaeology
Eileen is truely amazing her life experiences so far are indeed a story that needed to be told. I could not put down both her 1st and 2nd books and now she on her 3rd! wow this lady is 91 and enjoying life to the full. She is to be admired for her zest and enthusiasm despite personal loss. Good for you Eileen.
Splendid reading! I have been fortunate to personally know Eileen for over 35 years. Her writing is just as engaging as a face to face conversation. "Never was so much owed by so many to so few..."
Creditable documentation of vital role by radar and operatives in WW2
Remarkable woman with an amazing story to tell and here it it is - brilliantly told!
As a former Fighter Controller this book provides a fascinating insight in the early days of Fighter Control
Absolutely a marvelous true story that needed to be told and was done so magnificently by Ms.Younghusband. This book helps to reveal some of the mysteries so many followers of WW11 were in doubt about. Thanks Eileen. Walt Bush Gibsons B.C. Canada
A very important aspect of WWII history now brought inot clearer focus in a personal way
An impressive acount of action that fills a gap in the story of our efforts in WWII by an impressive lady. Read it.
An extraordinary book from an extraordinary woman !
A clear, concise and masterly written book. A poignant piece of history preserved for all times.
A must read for anyone with an interest in the history of this great nation. Lest we forget!
Superb book .Could not put it down and after all those long days and nights Eileen and the filter room staff could not get recognition until the restrictions of the official secret act had expired. Well done all of you in the filter room . Your Village is proud to have you as a friend and resident Eileen W
Wonderfully written about the remarkable work of the Filter Room, by the remarkable lady it has been my pleasure to know, there is so much more to know about her extraordinary life, so please read her first book, 'Not an ordinary life'
Fascinating story told at a cracking pace. Enough description to imagine the scene but not hold up the action. Great mixture of personal experience and historical fact (much of which has not, until now, been common knowledge.)
testing email forward
An excellent book based on recent history giving an interesting insight into the lives of those involved in WWII
A well written book that tells the relatively unknown story of the work done by the filter rooms during WW2. A good read. Highly recommended!
who knew that a history book could be so enjoyable. well written and not only is the book deserving of recognition but so is Eileen and the ladies that worked side by side together. Thank you for the experience.
Incredible journey, incredible life and truly incredible woman. Couldn't put the book down.
A brilliant book which I couldn't put down. It certainly deserves to win this prestigious prize.
A wonderful book which gives a new and very personal insight into WW2 and the vital work of the young women of Britain on RADAR. A piece of history as well as a great read.
A unique account of the vital but neglected role played by the Filter Rooms in Britain's air defence system during the Second World War. This book offers rare insights, but is also extremely well-written. It vividly portrays the human side of the war as experienced by a woman who sat at the centre of a remarkable military system. Stephen Bungay
What an amazing story!
Great read!
Amazing life! 91 years!
All of us, and women in particular, owe a great debt to heroes like Eileen, by their hard work, they earned respect in their own time, and ensured democracy and respect for human rights for the generations following. Go n-éirí leat a Eilleen! Mary, Dublin
Lovely book. Lovely woman.
This book is a terrific read for anyone interested in WWII history - and I personally have the privilege to know this wonderful lady who is a great writer as well as having some fascinating stories to tell.
loved the exerpt and ordering it
Bless you for your service, and thank you for sharing your story. It was fascinating and heartbreaking.
If only there were more people like Eileen in this world it would be a much nicer place !
Absolutely brilliant. Life seemed mundane after reading this. It's so amazing.
A thoroughly engrossing account of WW2 life told through the eyes of a WAAF officer. Highly recommended!
Eileen Younghusband has written her story in a way that allows the reader to step back into time as if they too played a part in the Top Secret Filter Room activities of World War Two. I found this book to be on of my favorite ever written on the subject matter. Don Messina: Naples, Florida USA
This is the story of a National Treasure. The role of the Filter Room has not been fully recognised to date. Read, learn and be inspired ...
A fascinating story about a little-known part of the war effort, compellingly told.
A vivid account of an unknown part of the war. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended
What a fab book to read :)