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French Impressions: The Loire Valley

Subtitle Valley of the Kings
By George East
ISBN 9780956269126   
Category Travel, history, France 
Autumn 2012


The Loire Valley is the result of George’s year-long stay in a beautiful area variously known as The Valley of the Kings and The Garden of France. There are more than three hundred grand chateaux in the Valley, but they are not the focus of the author’s attention. Rather, he visits the last home and work place of Leonardo da Vinci, walks the battlements of Richard the Lionheart’s favourite castle, goes underground in search of modern troglodytes and discovers how and why frog’s legs first became a delicacy in this part of France.

Author's Biography

George is the author of nine informative, affectionate and very witty books about France, the French and their sometimes funny little ways. His specialty is to take the reader on a journey of discovery, looking at the culture and cuisine of a region, and how its history, landscape and location has contributed to its difference from the rest of the country.


Price  £  9.99              Binding:  Paperback    

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Reader Comments

Yet another hit from George's stable of wit and wisdom.
Another excellent book from George East. He makes us love the people, as well as the places.
Very well researched and written.
informative, amusing, reaches the parts that other guides miss