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Cutting In
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Cutting In

By Felicity Fair Thompson
Published by Wight Diamond Press
ISBN 9780953512300
Category Romance (thriller/crime/mystery)
Autumn 2012


To stalk in pursuit of an image. There's no threat in that, is there? Ballet isn't an ordinary career for Elaine, more magnificent obsession. Watching beautiful Beverley dance, she imitates, borrows, wanting everything Beverley has. Eighteen, it's a dangerous age, when a girl has to cut her way into life. To buy ebook: Cutting In

Author's Biography

Felicity comes from Australia, and a writing family. After an early career as a dancer, she spent several years as Senior Assistant Manager at the Odeon Leicester Square before managing a holiday complex on Isle of Wight. Her writing expanded into film making, an MA in screenwriting LCC, and teaching.


Felicity has a great gift for portraying the agonies and ecstasies of adolescence .... a rare talent...' novelist Frederick E. Smith

'..hard edged, striking and truthful...' the late Julian Rathbone 'I read it at a single sitting... perceptive writing... wonderfully spiked with bitchiness,' thriller writer Graham Hurley 

Price £5.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

One of the top three finalists in the Beryl Bainbridge Award at The People's Book Prize 4th Award Ceremony on 29th May 2013
Simply Great ...
A great read.
If you liked Black Swan, you'll love Cutting In....
A tour de force...
Well done Flicky!
Felicity has always had a way with words, and this book is no exception!! a talented author with a kind heart!!!
A perceptive study of teenage obsession where image and personality can become all absorbing. Mothers of ballet-mad daughters should read this!
Keeps you hooked.....
Felicity Fair Thompson, a wonderful book about ballet and the pain of trying to get to the top insight is wonderful as first hand knowledge is from her sister Meridith who was a ballet dancer and is now paying the pain suffered for her occupation well done Flicky