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Subtitle Star Stuff
By Terry Cooper
Published by Candy Jar Books
ISBN 9780956682673
Category SciFi, humour
Autumn 2012


After saving the Universe, unlikely heroes Jeff Spooner and Ray Scump just want to relax on the beaches of Kangazang. Unfortunately, Ray’s father has gone mad and disappeared and Jeff’s android girlfriend has absconded to give him the child he has always wanted. Not to mention the ex-wife and her army of alien worms.

Author's Biography

London-born, Welsh-raised ex-boyband member who performed at Wembley Arena and saviour of Luke Skywalker’s home. As you can see, Terry Cooper is an interesting man. A University graduate with a passion for dressing up as Jack Sparrow; he is currently building a C-3PO costume to perform at children’s charity events.


Price £12.99 Binding: Hardcover

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Reader Comments

Brilliant book. Unputdownable. Fast paced and Funny - really funny. Bring on the 3rd.
A stronger sequel to an already hilarious first book. Great fun! When's the third part out?
A very funny book from start to finish. Great Characters and brilliant adventures. Hard to put down once started. Looking forward to reading the second and third books in the series. Highly recommended reading
Great book - very funny!