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Goose Goes to the Zoo
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Goose Goes to the Zoo

By Laura Wall
ISBN 9781841359137
Category Children’s (age 4+) 44 illustrations
Autumn 2012


Sophie and Goose are best friends, but Sophie thinks Goose might be lonely while she is at school. So the pair set off for the zoo to find another friend for Goose to play with… A charming story about an unusual and heart-warming friendship. Laura’s often laugh-out-loud illustrations make Goose an instant favourite with readers young and old! One of a series of 4 published together: Goose, Goose Goes to School and Happy Birthday, Goose

Author's Biography

Laura Wall has been exhibiting her art in galleries around the Southwest of England since she was a teenager and is well-known for her series of paintings called ‘Love at the Seaside’. You can often find her in bookshops, or on the beach getting her next bit of inspiration.


Price £ 5.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

Really lovely book. Bought it for my niece whilst on holiday in Padstow. Lovely and bright with a sweet story.
What a beautifully written book
A really creative author and artist. She has that extra something that children love
Something new a goose with giraffe and yet enchanting :)
Really great stuff!
Wonderful colourful beautiful fun illustrations.
Beautifully written, beautifully written - more titles please! Good luck Laura
A wonderfully bright coloured selection of books which are easy to read and cute illustrations!my young boys will loce them for xmas!
Good Luck Laura.
Not bought yet but will be for my Great nephew for xmas. good luck Laura x
A lovely book full of vibrant, colourful illustrations and a charming story.
My daughters loved the bright colours and characters in this book!
Lovely stories and colourful, simple illustrations that really bring goose to life. I love the whole range.
Beautifully simplistic and imaginative, lovely illustrations. Good Luck!
wonderful illustrations the grand children love the books
Delightfully simple book that manages to convey a range of events and emotions just by a turn of line, tilt of body or proximity of characters. A great little book to start discussing feelings with small children.
Yeahhh!!!! We love goose and all his friends...:)
Absolutely amazing illustrator, Laura brings these children's books to life, they are sure to be the next big thing... amazing X
A beautiful book - very appealing to young children. I will bebuying a couple for Christmas presents
We love this book and the other Goose books in the range, our little girl is Sophie's biggest fan. This is a really nice story and the simple art work seems to be a real hit with our daughter and others who we have given this book to as a gift.
Just wonderful, my little girl loves the story and the bright contrasting colours of the enchanting artwork, Thanks!
Such a sweet, beautifully illustrated and told story. Loved it!
we love goose!!...
Such lovely Illustrations, My daughter asks for a goose book most nights at the moment. hope theres more books to come!!
Goose is GREAT!
Had a gander, Colourful and easy on the eye
my children love the goose books, we have all 4 and I now think I know all the words of By heart. The pictures are very good and the pages were lovely and bright and keeps the children interested all the way through. We as a family will be recommending the goose books to all our friends and family that have young children : )
My son loves these books! Goose is brillant and we wish laura all the best with her future!
Brilliant book my grandaughter loves it Goose is her favourite.
Lovely book beautifully illustrated, wonderful colours. So good for bed time story and learning colours too!! Can't wait to read the rest. Well done Laura. Great Christmas present.
Filled with light and life. More please!
This book is simply wonderful.Such a simple story, beautifully told with fantastic illustration. My 4 year old nephew loved it!!
Laura Wall's illustrations are infused with delightful joyous humour and depth of feeling conveyed in such beautiful simple lines. They say so much and the more you look, the more you see. It makes you feel happy just looking at them and you cannot look through any of her books without them making you smile!! More please!
We love Goose!
Love Goose. Bring on more books please!
Beautifully illustrated and written with incredible insight into a child's imagination, just fabulous.
My 3 year old grand daughter loves Goose Goes To The Zoo. The illustrations are lovely. We have to read this book to her every week when she visits. My daughter is a reception teacher and her children also love this book. More please!
I absolutely adore Goose Goes To the Zoo! More please!!
Goose Goes to the Zoo is a fabulous childrens book. The illustrations and colours are so vivid and eye catching, along with the story content. Great fun for reading to children and introducing them to different animals, an interactive book! well done to Laura we look forward to more!
A wonderful book with gorgeous illustrations and a charming story. My son adore's this book as do I.
Fantastic book. Love the bright vibrant illustrations along with an adorable story.
Animal characters, story line and lovely illustrations will make this book a childen's favorite.
I just love this book, the characters are so colourful and it will be appealling to any child of any age!
Absolutely beautiful, bright illustrations and my 4 and 6 year old daughters love the Goose books.
My little boy loves this book, he is Goose mad. The beautiful pictures and enchanting story make this a hit for everyone. We love the complete series.
Such a brilliant book! The whole series is fantastic and the kids ask for it to be read over and over again.
It's rare to find a children's book that you feel is a must give present. The concise language doesn't talk down to children and the vibrant pictures make it a treasure for any small person's library. My great-nieces were enchanted.
Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book. Goose and Sophie make this and the others in the series must have reads for any child.
Great book. A charming story with beautiful and colourful illustrations.
I love Goose.. So adorable!
What a great book! The illustrations are so bold and colourful, and the stories are engaging and great for children. Laura is a great talent i look forward to more from this series!