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The Silent Owl
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The Silent Owl

By Clemency Pearce
ISBN 9781849564243
Category Children’s 3+
Summer 2012


In the deep, dark forest lives an owl who never speaks. The forest animals are worried about silent Owl, but he has a few surprises up his sleeve! New and emerging readers will love this enchanting bedtime book with unique illustrations and rhythmic text, ensuring that it is guaranteed to be picked up again and again!

Author's Biography

Clemency Pearce was born in 1980 in Essex. She studied Art and Fashion at the University of the West of England, with great emphasis on questioning the world around her through vivid imagery, film and words. Writing was a faithful companion throughout her twenties as she travelled the world, worked in numerous jobs and fell in love (constantly). She remains in Essex with her toothless Persian cat, Lola.

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Reader Comments

This will become a classic!
A really sweet story and lovely illustrations to match!!
Brilliant book. I love the conclusion!
A much loved book in our house.
a beautiful book that will quickly become a favourite.
amazing illustrations.Really lovely book
Amazing book!
a truly enchanting book with beautiful artwork!
wonderful book, great story and great illustrations. {:>
Great Read
my boys love this book and so do i!
Wonderful rhyming text, a subtle moral and quirky illustrations - a perfect picture storybook for preschool children!
Brilliant debut storybook by Sam McPhillips and Clemency Pearce!
Excellent Book!