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Where the Lost Things Go

By Tom Bell
ISBN 9781841358925
Category 5+ yrs full illustrated (40)
Summer 2012


Five lost toys have made the bottom of the forgotten garden their home. One day, their quiet lives are disrupted by the arrival of a new toy. He’s lost too, but he has an appetite for adventure!

Author's Biography

Born and raised in a small village in Leicestershire. Tom graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Fine Art. He has worked as a graphic artist, concept artist and designer. A self-confessed dreamer he loves escaping to imaginary worlds to create stories like “Where the Lost Things Go”.


Price £5.99 Binding: Paperback Publication date 17/10/2011

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Reader Comments

I bought this book as a present for my two year old God-daughter and she absolutely loves anyone and everyone reading it to her every day! The illustrations are just beautiful and it is such a magical adventure story! Every child should own a copy as the grown-ups will also get utter delight from reading with them!
What a fantastic book! I saw this & just had to have it for my future grandchildren. Stunning illustrations, brilliant story, one for the Disney group to uptake or children's T.V. Can't wait for the follow up Tom.
This book is absolutely beautiful - the illustrations are the best I have seen in a kids picture book for a long time, and the story very entertaining too...
Praise for Tom Bell, the illustrations in this story are beautiful and will captivate any young reader along with it's magical story line.
My niece loves this book and I have to agree with her. The story is charming and really ignites the imagination, and the illustrations are simply stunning, full of detail and colour, the perfect children's book.