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Jasper’s Hollow

By Janet Annan
Published by Debrich Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9536023-4-6
Category 7-10years
Summer 2012


Farmer’s daughter, bright , imaginative, seven year old Cassie, is perpetually in trouble at school for day-dreaming. In her secret place “THE HOLLOW”, she discovers three, tiny beings, had taken up residence. Friendship develops, Cassie little realising how soon their courage will be tested, in a desperate rescue against time. A lovely heart warming enchanting story for children about friendship and courage. Easy to read, great characters and a happy ending. An engaging storyline gets the imagination going.

Author's Biography

Sheila Crompton [pen name Janet Annan ] 35 years primary school teacher[17 special needs]. Semi-retired ,living on hill farm in Scotland .Currently sheep-farming, holiday accommodation provider. Board member /founder member of newly created Arts Centre, which was created to meet the regeneration needs of our local town.


Price £ £4.95 Binding: Paperback Publication date 03/02/2012

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