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Firestorm Rising
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Firestorm Rising

By John Clewarth
ISBN 9781471036811
Category 9 yrs to 12 yrs
Summer 2012


Jazz, Doc and Tom, decide to play a practical joke in Raingate Cemetery. As lightning strikes an ancient tomb, Jazz unearths a weird pendant, unleashing a chain of terrifying events. The children fight for their lives, as the monstrous owner of the pendant stops at nothing to get it back.

Author's Biography

John grew up watching Hammer horror films and reading the scary Pan Books of Horror. His local area is also famous for its ‘true’ ghost stories! So it’s no surprise that John writes spooky stories. He’s also a teacher – getting lots of inspiration from the fabulous children he works with!


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Reader Comments

Awesome book - need I say more
Hi Sir so so so excited for you and im coming into your year. Me and my father has just listened to your radio interview. It sounded very interesting. Your book sounds really cool with lots of fun twists and turns, I am looking forward to reading it. I heard about Demons in the Dark aswell it sounds superduper. Your doing a wonderful job being a teacher and author. See you later! Chloe xxx
A super book that deserves a wider audience!
A fabulous book from first-time author, John. The children's reading group at the library I work at, chose it as one of their summer reads and the feedback from the kids has been terrific!
This is a great book, friendship, scary spooky happenings, trust and finding out how important doing the right thing is. We loved it. Hopefully Jazz Doc and Tom didnt get into too much trouble and get to have some more adventures. IMHO its a good book to get reluctant readers hooked on the plot and desperate to find out more. Win win.
Very enjoyable, very different
please vote for firestorm rising its a ace book
AMAZING!!!!! I do not normally like scary books but this one ticked all my boxes. It is a great storyline of friendship and loyalty as well as being scary!
This is the sort of book children have been waiting for. What a phenomenal story. Full of twists and turns with several unexpected surprises. The reader gets drawn in by the interesting characters and they are extremely effective at keeping the reader interested throughout this exceptional book. Not to mention the frights and scares that make the experience of reading this book especially enjoyable. Truely a remarkable story and I do sincerely hope that we will see a sequel to this book in the future.
A great book for kids with terrific characters packed with adventures and thrills and a really spooky monster. My pupils loved it!
A very exciting story - spooky, without being too scary!
Firestorm Rising is a tremendously terrifying tale. The type of scary children's book that keeps readers wondering, and wanting more. But it's not just all scares and thrills; it's also a story of friendship, loyalty and trust. A must read for any one who likes their adventures a little on the scary side.