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Swatchway Magic
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Swatchway Magic

By Paul Antrobus, Charles Scooners
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 9781907205170
Category Leisure Boating/sailing
Summer 2012


In three prequels and sixteen chapters with 130 colour pictures a collection of contemporary boating yarns around the rivers and creeks of the east coast of Essex and Suffolk, the area known as the ‘swatchways’, afloat and ashore. Inspired by ‘The Magic of the Swatchways’ by Maurice Griffiths first published 1932, we tell of all the same places and how they are today. The magic is revealed still here and accessible to all in yarns to entertain those already in the know, and inform and attract new visitors by land and sea.

Author's Biography

Paul Antrobus: began sailing at Brightlingsea, raced and cruised offshore internationally. Former offshore columnist for Yachts & Yachting, now drinks columnist for Cowes Yachting and All At Sea publications . Charles Scoones now lives in New Zealand, but grew up cruising the swatchways in the 50s/60s. A professional photographer he contributes sailing logs for NZ magazines, and owns the 46ft motor yacht ‘Antiope’ based in UK/Europe


“you can dip into this book at any chapter for a short story. Great fun reading. Better,get to the Swatchways they write about and enjoy the magic at first hand” Bob Fisher, yachting journalist and author “Antrobus and Scoones found out that much of the magical quality of cruising these waters still exists…a beguiling chronicle that persuades me to set off for a lonely anchorage” Richard Woodman, Naval historian and novelist Price: £ 14.95 Paperback

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Reader Comments

simply magical.
A most entertaining and well written book. A must for anyone interested in boating and sailing.
Would make a brilliant TV series like "Coast"
I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and once picked up I could not put it down until I had finished it. The pictures are superb as they are on the page where the narrative unfolds. I have plans now to visit the area and the inlets by boat
A fascinating book for both the boater and non boater. I was inspired on reading the book to visit some places I had never even heard of and was not dissapointed. Ian Mawson
A really excellent read
A magic book of a magic coastline.
Brilliant heart felt read.
Wonderful stories; reads like an adventure novel and it's all true! Fabulous photos a bonus
Just makes you want to go exploring.Lovely photos.