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The Cosmic Monopole

Subtitle Time Crystal Volume 1
By Wyken Seagrave
Published by Penny Press Ltd
ISBN 978-1-871281-23-1
Category Science Fiction
Summer 2012


A cosmic monopole is trapped in CERN, becomes a black hole and swallows two men. Moments later time stops everywhere in the universe. This first book in the Time Crystal series sees Irish schoolgirl Catriona begin her journey back to the Big Bang, trying to restart time.

Author's Biography

Wyken Seagrave believes that people have a right to know where they came from, and the history of the universe is the best way to do this. He writes the story both factually and as fiction, to engage as wide an audience as possible.


Price £ 14.95 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

I think that Wyken Seagrave deserves recognition for the extraordinary effort he has made to engage a non-scientific audience with science. He has produced an engaging range of characters, a believable plot and a readable text. He has done a lot of research to ensure the story is as accurate as possible. Everyone should vote for this book!