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Within the Glade
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Within the Glade

By Patrick Moore
Published by SMH
ISBN 9780956859105
Category Poetry/humour
Summer 2012


These poems were originally written for children. Sir Patrick put them in a drawer decades ago, and forgot about them - until 2010! He then gave them to an old friend, Sandra Saer, who published them, brilliantly embellished with cartoons by Euan Dunn, director of Marine Policy at the RSPB..

Author's Biography

Sir Patrick Moore, CBE, FRS, FRAS - Master Stargazer - has been so well known, revered and loved through decades of people’s lives, as to be a household name. 2011 marked his 88th birthday and presentation of the 700th edition of ‘The Sky at Night’. He was still writing, broadcasting and entertaining friends until a few months before his death.


‘All his best attributes are embedded in these poems,(on) topics (including) The Eel : ‘I am a very lively Eel/I love to dance the Highland Reel/But living on the river’s floor/my ballroom steps are rather poor’ ‘ (THE GUARDIAN, 1 July, 2011) ‘The poems are interesting, short and funny. His (love of) entertaining people and wonderful sense of humour (are) embedded in these poems… - he is them!’ (SUSSEX NEWSPAPERS, 21-28 July, 2011) ‘WITHIN THE GLADE’s delightful poems, with witty drawings by Euan Dunn,…include – the swan who likes to sing operetta and has a penchant for beetroot. ‘ (THIS ENGLAND, Autumn AND Winter editions, 2011) ‘A GALAXY OF FUN - Sir Patrick Moore …(reveals) yet another string to his bow . producing a light-hearted collection of poetry…(I) delight in their chuckle factor. (SUSSEX LIFE, January, 2012) Price £ 7.50 Binding: Hardcover Paperback

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Reader Comments

A wonderful and inspired little book.. Many thanks
A charming book with lovely illustrations that do so much to enhance the reader's pleasure.
Charming. Highly recommended
Lucky this enchanting collection of poems and illustrations can now be bought
A classic.
A most enjoyable whimsical, light hearted and relaxing read ~ Thank you Patrick and all responsible for its publication.
This book will become a classic in years to come. Patrick Moore is an English treasure and this book of poems gives an insight into both his sense of humour and empathy with children.