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Subtitle Have you been there?
By Bryony Allen
ISBN 978-1-907728-12-9
Category 12 - 18
Spring 2012


OTOLI is a story of bullying, teenage issues and the supernatural. The central character, a victim of bullying, Alice Turner, finds solace in a strange café called OTOLI and finds friendship with the enigmatic waitress, Jenny. It however turned out that Alice’s new friendship is not quite what it seems.

Author's Biography

Bryony Allen writes Adult and Young Adult fiction. She is the author of 'Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector'. 'OTOLI' is her latest book. Bryony is a teacher and currently lives in the beautiful wilds of the Suffolk countryside with her husband, four children, and pets, cats and dogs.


“This book really took me by surprise, it was definitely not what I was expecting at all. The book deals very strongly with the issues surrounding bullying, but within this book they take on rather a sinister tone that appealed to my dark side.” Serendipity Blog “This is a most extraordinary book. Written by Suffolk teacher Bryony Allen… It’s a cracking teenage read…” Bury Free Press review “I found myself quite surprised by this book. It was a bit darker than I was expecting but in a really good way. And I loved the concept - how it makes you think about bullying and the affect it really has.” 'I want to read that' Blog “OTOLI is a tough and questioning story of bullying and the consequences of revenge. Although, a relatively short book, this is excellent and much better than I expected. It is haunting and really makes the reader think and engage with the characters.” BookBabblers review Blog. “ The book is definitely a page turner! … A great book for teens and only 140 pages for those not into reading! Definitely worth a read!” Intrevents, a teenage review website “A fantastic novel which should could easily and should, in my opinion, become part of the PSHE education of children in schools.” Book Angel Booktopia Blog Price £5.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

good work.
Good luck for the book prize. The reviews out there show this is a book worthy of making the final. Nas Butt
A fantastic read for teenagers (and us older types too!). Well done to the author Bryony Allen for tackling an awkward subject matter in such an dark and entertaining way. The way the story unfolds is excellent and the messages poignant without being depressing. This is a book that certainly deserves to get more exposure across the world. Bullies beware! Good luck in the book prize Bryony. Best wishes Sheila Blake
We have all enjoyed OTOLI in our family holiday in Egypt. It was a good satisfying read of English literature, especially when you are abroad. Good luck in the book prize. We hope that you continue to produce more books of the same quality. My daughter thought it was very enjoyable reading and it related very much to her age, she also completely understood the message that book is conveying through the story to her age group. I would like to say thank you Bryony Allen for tackling of that particular subject as I’m sure a lot of young people like my daughter can benefit from OTOLI in future .
Good luck, I remember the day you started writing the first draft! I think some of the reviews for the book speak for themselves. Hope the public get behind the book. Love from the husband.
Good luck, it deserves to well.
Both of my girls really enjoyed this book, an absolutely great teen story told in an engrossing, dark and entertaining way. It's also a book that really manages to make its reader aware of some of the major issues out there with bullying and growing up at school. A book that should be read by all teens all over the world and one which deserves to do well. I think its many great reviews are a testament to that.
I often work with victims of bullying. OTOLI sensitively and cleverly handles the subject in the form of a good teenage read.
Fantastic Author and Phenomenal Book!