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Light behind the Angels
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Light behind the Angels

Subtitle A past life journey to enlightenment
By Lauren D'Silva
Published by Local Legend
ISBN 9781907203169
Category Mind/Body
Spring 2011


Healer, teacher and inspirational writer Lauren D'Silva invites you to share her journey of self transformation, which shattered the illusions she held about herself, to reveal a deeper truth more extraordinary than she dared to imagine. The veils of forgetfulness were torn asunder and she was shown lifetime after lifetime blighted by an ancient curse.

Author's Biography

Lauren lives and works in Mid Wales with her husband Steve, children, dog, cat, chickens and raucous crows that dance around on the roof at daybreak. If she can seek enlightenment with that much background noise so can you. As New Age Editor for Bellaonline, Lauren has written on a wide range of topics including past lives, twin flames and soul mates, crystals, spirit guides and spiritual development.


Price £ 8.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

an honest and open account of a very difficult subject lauren has taken the bull by the horns with this and deserves respect and admiration for sharing good,times bad times warts and all , a brave lady that i am proud to call a friend, and teacher.i would recommend this book to every one i loved it and i know i will read it many times. june x
Fascinating memoir of a unique spiritual journey. The author freely shares her deepest feelings, and details the techniques she utilized to help her along the way, including shamanic journey, crystal healing, past-life regression, magick, soul-retrieval and more.
Inspiring story living and learning with love and light.
A very deep book told in an easy to read way, which I didn't expect from a "new age" book. Amazing story which taught me and helped me a lot in my own life. I was also touched by Lauren D'Silva's honesty towards writing her feelings which a lot of authors would have disguised or dismissed in their own books. Much respect.
Love it and very thought provoking!!
I really enjoyed reading this book. I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly it helped me realize that I was not alone on my spiritual journey to enlightenment. I have put my foot on and off the path many times. However, within this last year the message has been “you need to finish what you started”. I was confused and unsure of what I was seeing and feeling. I asked for help and guidance. I found this book, Light behind the Angels. It gave me great comfort and understanding. Once again the universe supplied my need, yet again. I am very grateful to Lauren for writing this book. I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy one of her crystal healing sessions.
I thoroughly enjoyed Light Behind The Angels. It was easy to read and very interesting whereby i couldnt put the book down until the last page! Well worth the read and the late nights!
Have just read the extract, cant wait to read the rest of the book.
This book was very well written. I have known the Author all her life and thought she wrote with real feeling. She will go far. Can't wait to read your next one Lauren. Janice X
Congratulations! A compelling book - a journey that most of us will never experience. highly recommended.
Excellent read, I couldn't put it down!!!
This is a truly amazing book and gives an insight into Lauren's life. I highly recommend this book. You will enjoy it. Jackie Bridge.............
I have read this book on two occasions to date and found it captivating, thoughtprovoking and the best read I have had for a very long time. I would definately recommend this book and wait in anticipation for a sequel
A wonderful and enlightning book to read. It should come with a warning as I could not put it down!! Easy to read as it was written as only a natural writer can - it kept me intrigued until the end BUT then I wanted more!! Cant wait for Lauren's next book.
I found this book a compelling read. It was incredibly candid about areas that most of us would have trouble admitting to ourselves never mind to the book reading public. Overall a fantastic read and helpful in allowing me to feel that certains aspects of my life are completely normal.
Thought provoking book, well written and so much to learn.
When I received this book I started reading straight away & could not put it down until I got to the very last page! This is not a work of fiction, but Lauren's account of how her life has changed in recent years and the journey of her transformation and I was absolutely amazed. If you are looking for a story of intrigue, passion, betrayal, past lives and an ancient curse then this is certainly a book for you.