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Shakespeare's Truth
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Shakespeare's Truth

By Rex Richards
Published by Thrilling Books
ISBN 978-0-956234-00-1
Category Fiction/Thriller
Spring 2011


A secret Royal birth… a murdered Prince and the Queen kidnapped... A secret society intent on revenge… a missing treasure… a tragic romance and a struggle for life and death. Only one man can untangle the ciphers and mysteries that are Shakespeare’s Truth.

Author's Biography

Rex Richards became a writer after his father, who had spent twelve years working on the truth behind the Shakespeare Authorship question, died. Rex took his father’s academic treatise and turned it into an extraordinary thriller. Before writing he was a multi award winning TV and radio producer and advertising executive.


Da Vinci is surpassed by Shakespearean analysis in this masterfully crafted work --John Simpson CBE, World Affairs Editor BBC. An exciting, tearaway treasure hunt of a novel which I’d recommend to anyone looking for a great summer read! -- Anne Diamond Broadcaster So much better than the da Vinci Code! -- Caroline Smailes, author of In Search of Adam Price £ £5.99 Binding: Paperback

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