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Want to Know a Secret?
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Want to Know a Secret?

By Sue Moorcroft
Published by Choc Lit
ISBN 9781906931261
Category Romance
Winter 2010


Money, love and family. Which matters most? When Diane Jenner’s husband is hurt in a helicopter crash, she discovers a secret that changes her life. And it’s all about money, the kind of money the Jenners have never had. James North has money, and he knows it doesn’t buy happiness. He’s been a rock for his wayward wife and troubled daughter – but that doesn’t stop him wanting Diane. James and Diane have something in common: they always put family first. Which means that what happens in the back of James’s Mercedes is a really, really bad idea. Or is it?

Author's Biography

An accomplished writer of novels and short stories, as well as a creative writing tutor. This is Sue’s third Choc Lit novel (Starting Over and All that Mullarkey). She is also the commissioning editor and a contributor to Loves Me, Loves Me Not an anthology of short stories published by Romantic Novelists’ Association.


An intriguingly different story of the husband who deceives his wife in a very big way - and lives (just) to regret it. Definitely recommended! - Sue Magee, The Book Bag. I would recommend to romance fans, to fiction fans, and to those who just like a good story. If you are tired of world win romances, and over the top scenarios, then read this one. Big lies for sure, but also basic human emotion and feelings. Recommended yes, hard to put down, yes. - Books for Life Blogspot. £7.99 Paperback Size in mm: Height of book 19.4 Width of book 2.8 Pages: 336 Publication date 01/11/2010

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Reader Comments

Read the extract and loved it. Will be buying the book.
Sue creates delicious heroes I can't help falling in love with.
I loved Sue's previous two books but this one's even better!
Sue's books are always an absolute pleasure to read.
I have read all of Sue's books and find them all a great read. This one is no exception. Continued success Sue.
A great book, took time to get into it, but a great story couldn't put it down!!
Highly original plot, wonderful characters, this is another great read from Sue Moorcroft. I love her writing, a sharp clean style with witty dialogue and succinct but evocative description.
A very enjoyable book, great characters, lots of secrets and twists and turns. Very well written, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an intelligent read with real depth.
Very well written, a very good read.
A great book from my favourite author!
Every time I go into WH Smith Travel at Leicester station I see this on the bookshelf as a top seller.
An absolutely fabulous novel - could not put it down!! A definite must-read.
Lots of insight and a good read! Good luck to Sue's novel.
My wife left this book lying around - glad she did! It's great.
Sue's books are a delight to read.
I loved this novel. However, enjoyed her previous novels too - All That Mullarkey and Starting Over. Worth a read and vote!
A great read with warm characters and an intriguing plot. I loved it!
Glad to see Sue Moorcroft up for the prize - her books are fabulously easy to read and well observed.