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By Tony Groom
ISBN 978-0-9562691-1-9
Category Thriller/Crime/Mystery
Winter 2010


Ex-Navy diver Nick Carter, illegally retrieving valuable cannons from the depths, has unwelcome visitors. Boarded, beaten and left for dead off the African coast, Nick gives chase. His attackers have stolen something more valuable than money. In pursuit, Nick stumbles across a terrorist plot which could return Europe to the Dark Ages.

Author's Biography

Tony Groom spent ten years in the Navy where his specialist job varied from bomb and mine disposal to attack swimmer. This involved the recovery of crashed aircraft, bodies, and working alongside the SAS and SBS. Tony served in the Falklands Conflict, and worked on UXB’s lodged inside British warships.


"Another compelling read by Tony Groom. In this page-turning novel Groom is writing about what he knows. The exciting plot is all the more believable because it's grounded in his experience and the realism shines through every page. A great plot with a realistic cast of characters and a 'hero' whose flaws make him utterly believable." Navy News £9.99 Paperback Size Height of book 198mm Width of book 127mm Pages: 378 Publication date 21/11/10

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Reader Comments

A thoroughly entertaining read with a unique plot. I look forward to the follow-up.