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Lost Books
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Lost Books

By Adrienne J. Odasso
ISBN 9781905233274
Category Poetry
Winter 2010


Forbidden berries from land littered with burial grounds, a spine tilling the dirt, a fragile horizon shattered into a thousand missing pieces; Adrienne J. Odasso's début explores the consequences of roads taken and paths sidestepped. Brimming with ethereal imagery and suffused with the complications of memory, Lost Books is the poetry of open spaces and eyes closed tight, the poet's American heritage underpinned by her European experience.

Author's Biography

Adrienne J. Odasso left a music degree programme to study English. She has an impressive array of publication credits on both sides of the Atlantic, including Sybil’s Garage, The Liberal, Mythic Delirium, Jabberwocky, Midnight Echo, and Goblin Fruit. Adrienne was recently incorporated in the Other Voices International Poetry Project as part of Volume 44. Lost Books is her first full collection.


£5.99 Paperback Size in mm: Height of book - 210mm Width of book - 148mm Pages: 66 Publication date 15/04/10

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Reader Comments

Adrienne's words echo in your head; complex, moving and haunting, hers is a unique and unforgettable world.
A remarkable talent--piercing work--as always..
Adrienne is, as always, an awe-inspiring poet and her first full book is no exception.
woo! Adrienne is a wonderful writer (@weaseljem)
Fell in love from the first poem - absolutely brilliant book!
Adrienne's poetry collection is very colorful and though provoking. I can see something new every time I read my favorite poems in this winter collection.
I liked the book . Very inspiring
"Lost Books" is the first book of poetry I've ever been enticed to purchase, partially because the author, Adrienne Odasso, is a longtime favorite of mine. However, it's also evocative and truly gives you a window into the memories and mind of Ms. Odasso. An excellent read!
Each word makes the maximum impact, and every poem is a glorious read. A fantastic collection - from @LittleMsMack
A beautiful collection, one that leaves you with a feeling of greater understanding, of the world around and the mind of the poet. Deep rhythms of old songs underlying a fresh, new voice. Wonderful.
A seamless blend of myth and experience. Adrienne is a true wordsmith.
Wonderful reading, full of imagery.