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War On The Margins
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War On The Margins

By Libby Cone
ISBN 9780715639726
Category Historical
Autumn 2010


France has fallen to the Nazis. Britain is under siege. As BBC bulletins grow bleak, residents of Jersey abandon their homes in their thousands. When the Germans take over, Marlene Zimmer, a shy clerk at the Aliens Office, must register her friends and neighbours as Jews while concealing her own heritage, until eventually she is forced to flee. Layers of extraordinary history unfold as we chart Marlene's transformation from unassuming office worker to active Resistance member under the protection of artists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, who manage to find poetry in the midst of hardship and unimaginable danger. Drawn from authentic World War II documents, broadcasts and private letters, War on the Margins tells the unforgettable story of the deepening horror of the Nazi regime in Jersey and the extraordinary bravery of those who sought to subvert it.

Author's Biography

Libby Cone earned an MA in Jewish Studies in 2006, and War on the Margins grew from her thesis. She lives in Philadelphia.


‘A very timely book indeed’ — Daily Mail 
‘A hardback gem of Jewish resistance, chilling, charming and interspersed with authentic papers and broadcasts of the time’ — Jewish Chronicle 
‘truly an accomplished work’ — 
‘An excellently researched and still very affecting read ’ — 
 £8.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Gutwrenching, yet compelling.
An excellent read!
a thumbs up
A wonderful book; an inspiring story. I've seen the grave where they are buried.
Fabulous compelling story, so rich in historical details !!! You go, Libby !!!!!!
a really good read on an almost unknown subject.
Intriguing story, great book.
Incredible read by an incredible author. This book is wonderful...compelling, sensual and enchanting. A wonderful historically significant story....when is the movie coming going to be made?? I will read this again and again. Well done...
I have interviewed Libby about this book for BBC Jersey. It is a great read
This book was recommended by my good friend in Devon and like all the books she recommends, it was wonderful. I hope it wins the prize.
Great research, engaging writing, and a group of characters who draw in the reader immediately and give us a believable and dramatic story of this sad period in history. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
"...a wonderful and powerful novel on the lives of those affect by the German occupation of Jersey, and the lives of the people and their families who were affected by it, imprisoned because of it and those who dare to stick against the enemy." - Jules' Book Reviews
I learned of the occupation of the island of Jersey through Libby Cone's novel, "War On The Margins." This is a well-researched book shedding new light on Nazi atrocities during WWII.
A wonderful book I highly recommend.
Awesome book from an awesome author.
Very moving account.