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Ralph is (not) a vampire
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Ralph is (not) a vampire

By Corinne V Davies
ISBN 9780955690525
Category Humour 5-9 year olds
Autumn 2010


Ralph is a quiet, studious boy and he’s definitely not a Vampire. The fact that he turned up at his sister’s fancy dress party dressed as one (when it wasn’t even fancy dress) … no, that was just luck. Well, ok, that and the fact he’s allergic to garlic, wears only black, has no reflection, keeps bats in his loft, sleeps in open graves and tames werewolves, oh and even appears to drink blood. Yes, I’m afraid that’s all just bad luck too… or is it?

Author's Biography

Corinne V.Davies began entering poetry and writing competitions at the age of 5. Known also as a playwright, she has concentrated on writing for children since 2009 - teaming up with illustrator, El Ashfield, to create her much loved character 'Ralph'. Currently she is still touring schools with her first book 'Ralph is (not) a Superhero' which was shortlisted for the Gateshead Award 2010 and nominated for the Royal Mail Award 2010, and won the 2010 University of the Arts Creative Seed Fund Award. She is also appearing at both the Borders Book Festival and SALT Festival 2010.


“witty, pleasantly moralistic” Tony Cook,, recent editor of The Big Issue. “There’s one in all of us (even your parents!)” Borders Book Festival 2010. “cleverly engages readers with fun” Stella Oakes, Schools Library Services, UK. 
£ 5.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Love Ralph!
A fine sequel to 'Superhero'. My children love both books and look forward to more.
Good luck and let me know how you get on, Lizzie ;-)
Very funny , great illustrations .
Good luck Corinne - can I send my copy to you for signing? Love Kathy
My nine year old son devoured this book in an evening and told all his friends how cool it was. Looking forward to the next one!
Love this book. One I will keep forever.
I want to read this most cute book for my future children. The illustration is very lovely too!
The illustrations are so wonderful - and a story you can really get your (vampire) teeth into! I loved it.
Loved it: Why is his sister's friend scarier than a 400 year old vampire? :)
This is a sweet and funny story, with great illustrations. Ralph is a really appealing character, and the situations he finds himself in are consistently hilarious!
My boys didn't put it down! Gorgeous illustration too!
A great sequel to Ralph is (not) a superhero. Very funny, great writing.
The illustration is wonderful!
This is a seriously funny book. Very highly recommended!