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Children's Poems
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Children's Poems

Subtitle Music and Artists
By UK & UAE Children
ISBN 9780957255296
Category 9780957255296
Spring 2017


All these poems about music and artists are a result of an initiative by children's author Christina Gabbitas. Children were invited to write an eight line poem. 
Judges include Sophie Sage at the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, The Poetry Society and Dr Stephen Fear, Ambassador and Entrepreneur at the British Library (2011-2016) 

Author's Biography

All these eight line rhyme poems are about Music and Artists, penned by children ages 7-13 from the UK and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.This poetry book is the result of the initiative , and has also been published to help encourage and inspire other children of primary age to read and write.


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Reader Comments

Another fantastic collection of poems. It's refreshing to see younger children taking part in a competition like this one. Good luck to all the children involved.
This is the first year of judging for me and feel very privileged to have been asked. I was astounded at the level of writing.
A great book, the children's poems are brilliant!
My niece loved taking part in this competition. We love her poem.
A great collection of poems for children.