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By Rob Biddulph
ISBN 9780008207397
Category Ages 3-7
Spring 2017


Penguin Blue is back, in a swashbuckling new adventure about pirates, treasure, and friendship!

Author's Biography

Rob is an award-winning designer, and full-time author and illustrator. By night he makes up silly stories for his three daughters, and draws pictures to go with them. He lives and works in London.


Reviews for Rob's previous work 

praise for GRRRRR! 
'vibrant colours and characters plus rhyming text make it a delight to read aloud' Huffington Post 

'Joyful and uplifting. Superb.' Daily Mail 

'Totally grrrreat in every respect' The Bookbag 

'The rhyme is so skilful and pacey it could give the Gruffalo a run for its money' Children's Books Ireland 

Praise for Blown Away: 

'Best Children's book of the year' Observer 
Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Great birthday gift.
So much fun!
Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended.