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Meo the Meerkat
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Meo the Meerkat

By Kevin Crookes
ISBN 978-0995600614
Category age 1 - 11years
Spring 2017


Meo the Meerkat is a lovable fun and mischievous baby meerkat who comes from the hot plains of the African wilderness. All he wants to do is go outside, play, explore, and in doing so, he finds himself in some interesting, if not dangerous, situations.

Author's Biography

Kevin Crookes began writing six years ago when he discovered a talent for being able to make words rhyme whilst walking along a beach --  suddenly verses started to go through his mind in rhyme.  At home, Kevin took out a pencil and pad and started writing what he had been thinking about.  The verses turned into poems. One poem turned to ten and so on, to date he has written two poetry books called “AS IT IS” and “STILL AS IT IS”. 


A wonderfully written and illustrated book with such a lovable character in Meo. 
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Reader Comments

Good luck! Michelle Schwartz
Delightful book!
Cute book!
I bought this book as a present for a friends daughter and she loved it. Meo the Meerkat is a big hit!!!!
Go Meo!
A great read....
Looks like a wonderful book
I have lots of children in my family. This book looks just peferct for them...
Adorable artwork!
It is very important to teach children the values about nature and at the same time, show the tools they can use in life to overcome new situations. Great job!!!
children love furry animals - this book should become a favourite.Simple words may also assist in reading.
Love the illustrations.
Love the book
A lovely , simple store that children will love. The illustration work very well . children will love looking for the hidden monkey.
A lovely store it remindes me when I was young and learning to read.
Very fetching cover
This is a book children will enjoy immensely. I would like to see more of this author's work.
Lovely book with a wonderful message of what a child needs to learn as they grow while exploring the many opportunities of adventure. Keeps one from being bored, all the while allowing curious moments to become enlightening ones! Great Book!
Great read kids loved it well done
Great little children's book with a moral and a bit of educational information thrown in love it
Great little book, looking forward to next adventure
A lovely book with wonderful characters and bright illustrations. Also a learning book that tackles bullying with the snake as the bully and the Meerkat's joining forces to defeat him.
Great fun to read.
I am looking forward to this children's book and hope others will vote to give Meo the win! The illustrations are adorable and Meo is a great character for children to relate to.
Delightfull tale wonderfully told
As an author of Magic Glasses, a picture book by Child's Play International, I like this book. Animals interest me, hence my forthcoming poetry collection, Swimming with Whales, more at Skylark Publications UK website.
excellent, well done
A great story and beautiful illustrations.
What an endearing book.
Great read.
The book is a great interaction tool for children to test their observational skills and there ability to find the hidden characters. The artwork is excellent.
A very entertaining book for young children with good illustrations and extra insects and animals for children to look out for.
Such a great story and the illustrations of Meo are so cute!
A lovely story with beautiful illustrations!
Very delightful book for children
A wonderful concept for a children's book, and it's sure to be a great read.
A a great children's book and Meo the meerkat is so adorable. This book with its superb illustrations really deserves to win!
A very well written and entertaining book that has been tried and tested with children all over the world via Skype in the Classroom with fantastic feedback.