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The Wolf’s Colourful Coat
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The Wolf’s Colourful Coat

By Avril McDonald
ISBN 9781785830204
Category 4 to 7 year olds.
Spring 2017


Wolfgang can’t wait for it to get cold enough for him to wear his brand new colourful coat but when the time finally arrives, some nasty creatures make fun of it. Wolfgang feels upset and is afraid that they will hurt him again, so he hides away in the tree house. Spider encourages Wolfgang to tell someone he trusts about how he is feeling and he learns that things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes we get hurt by others and we have to be brave enough to continue to be ourselves and to keep our hearts open. There can be some lovely surprises for us when we do!

Author's Biography

Avril McDonald has a Diploma of Education from Wellington College of Education, New Zealand, where she trained as a primary school teacher majoring in music and dance. She has had a varied career in digital entertainment. She launched Feel Brave to help teachers and parents find solutions to help children learn to deal with their emotions and to reach their potential.


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Reader Comments

Beautifully written and illustrated.
We love this book and all of Avril's books!
An extremely clever and beautiful story.
This really struck a chord with our little boy Thomas who had been the victim of persistent bullying at primary school last year, but who has challenged his fears and is now a confident little chap who is ready for secondary school in September.
Loved the way Wolfgang had to confront his fear of the bully and saved him from the ice to touch his heart and find a new friend.
This book is fantastic. It addresses such an important and difficult topic and makes it easy to raise it with children. It would be great for this author to get well earned recognition for her work.
The wolf's colourful coat has changed my three old's perspective on trying new things and meeting new people. His bravery has grown in love and is living a fuller more loving life himself. It has changed me as a parent as well, it is amazing to go through Wolfgang's change from fear to love and making a new friend. It gives me the hug I need to let my little one go out fall down get up and try again. Thank you Avril! And thank you Tatiana for your amazing illustrations
This book is beautiful! Lovely verse and pictures. My children love it ad it has a gorgeous message.
Very clever book with a great message about bullying and how kindness can over come it. Amazing illustrations. Kids love it, parents love it, teachers love it. Well done Avril
Great book - great messages about kindness.
great great stuff ... and important, too!
Brilliant in every way!
A "must read" book for all young children.
Wonderful book!
A wonderful read for the kids.
Fantastic book!
Avril's books are wonderful and are loved by my nephews. This one is a particular favourite. Her storytelling is unique and inspirational and she really deserves to be considered for this prize.
This book provide very real and useful strategies for our young ones. It has proven to be a wonderful training aid for teachers in locations that are coping with disaster recovery issues.
Wonderful books and unique approach - we love all of them!
Wonderful book!
Awesome book
Avril is doing a great job by making NLP accessible to children.
All of the staff and students at my school loved this story!
An amazing achievement - I've followed Avril's progress over the years and this book reflects everything she has been striving for. Brilliant concept, intelligently and thoughtfully implemented.
Avril's books show children how we behave towards each other can effect others and how to overcome difficult situations in a positive way.
Beautiful message. Loved by our children.
Avril has produced inspiring children's literature that weaves astutely into cross curricular support such as Personal, Social, Health Education. Children warm to the characters and storylines that provide positive and relevant teaching and learning points for readers of all ages. Avril deserves every commendation for the far-reaching craftsmanship that she has instilled into her work. Her stories are an essential addition to all general public and primary school libraries.
Fantastic author - fantastic books
My 7 year old daughters absolutely love this book (and the whole series!)
A wonderful read!
Loved this book so much I donated the series to my daughters class!
Awesome books!
Totally adore this book and have used it regularly as a teaching tool in my classroom.
Essential reading for children, teachers and parents
great book
Avril McDonald's work helps children to overcome their fears and live fuller, happier lives. What a blessing!
It's a beautiful, lovely and smart book for children, really makes them understand their emotions and the bright pictures are great.
Amazing Book. Beautiful pictures. Fantastically written. Superb.
I just love the way Avril writes... all children could benefit from her books!
Truly amazing author, Avrils books are superbly written and an absolute pleasure to read to children (& by adults) - A deservant winner, for any prize :)
A subtle story with a deep and powerful meaning. Beautiful rhythm and rhyme essential for language development. Fun and colourful illustrations which would inspire any young artist.