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By Clare Osborne
ISBN 978 1 909548 55 8
Spring 2017


George and Millie are staying with their Grandad in Wybrook while their parents are out of the country. On the night of the midsummer solstice, George sets out on an unauthorised quest to try and recover his Grandad’s pocket-watch, which he had carelessly lost earlier in the day. And disappears, without trace. When George goes missing, it is left to his sister alone to work out what has happened to him. She uncovers hidden secrets, hinting at something more unbelievable than she could ever have imagined, as she and her brother are plunged into a world of mystery, myths and peril, in an enigmatic thriller by a writer with a new, unique voice.

Author's Biography

Clare Osborne was born and raised in the Essex countryside. She now runs her own ski chalet in Slovakia as well as being a Teaching Assistant in an Essex primary school. If she’s not getting lost in the wilderness she can be found glued to her laptop, tapping away her next work of fiction. Her debut novel, Widurok, is a time-travel story set in Essex across two very different eras: the present day and the age of the Anglo-Saxons. 


Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

I loved reading Widurok. I found the characters were really easy to relate to and loved the subtle humour throughout. Also felt that I had learnt something.
Highly recommended, exciting adventure story.
Set to be a classic - couldn't put it down!
AN exciting book which kept my 8 year old (and me!) on the edge of our seats. Great for learning a little history too!
We loved this book. It painted such a vivid picture of a different time in history. The characters were interesting and real. Really recommended.
loved this - even remembered to review it on Amazon!