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It's All About The Money
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It's All About The Money

By John Marsh
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780957156883
Category Thriller
Spring 2017


Max Edwards leaves the Army and finds there is nothing for him in civvy street, he doesn't have the skills that anyone seems to want. With no experience of life outside the Army he chooses makes his own way. A chance meeting leads him into the underbelly of society; where money is no object

Author's Biography

John Marsh is an ex-soldier who served in the Royal Corps of Signals in the Late 80's. 
He has worked in the Music Industry, Entertainment/Film Industry and is currently a prolific business owner. 

Writing is a passion from his younger days of reading fast paced fiction in his Army days.


Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Good Luck all.
Hope to read more about the main character.
This books makes you love and hate the characters. Nice easy, fast, read. I would recommend.
Really enjoyed this book, not too heavy and easy to follow.
Love that fact that this book is fast, read it on one long train journey. Perfect.
Keep them coming John Marsh!
Thought this might be a "boys" book, but I actually enjoyed it. Leaves me wondering if this is a series? Hope so, would like to know what happens next.
Good Luck Percy Publishing. Love the John Marsh books.
I didn't know what to expect from the book cover, 1980's riding high. I remember it all very well.
Great characters, looking forward to the follow-on ...
Retro all the way. A good yawn just as the internet took over the world. Back in the good old days.
Read John Marsh's first book and loved it. This one is kind of a follow only, but can also be read independently. Good Job.
Back in the day and growing up in the big wide world. Really enjoyed this book.
Loved it. Fast and easy to read.
Another great book by John Marsh. Good Luck.
Good light hearted read. Well done.