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The Modigliani Girl
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The Modigliani Girl

By Jacqui Lofthouse
ISBN 9781503024700
Category Literary satire
Spring 2017


Anna Bright never wanted to write a novel. At least, that’s what she tells herself. But a chance encounter with a famous novelist and a surprise gift of an art book cut a chink in Anna’s resolve. A deceptively light satire on the modern writing and publishing world.

Author's Biography

Jacqui Lofthouse began her career in radio production. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and has taught creative writing in many settings from City University to secondary schools. In 2005, she founded The Writing Coach, a coaching and mentoring organisation for writers


“The Modigliani Girl is an unusual page turner of a novel that dares to be different.” Louise McIvor, Creative Writing Teacher, Queen's University Belfast
Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

I really enjoyed reading this well-crafted book.
Difficult to put this book down! Extremely talented author!
Really enjoyed the book by this talented author.
I really enjoyed reading another book by this Author.
Amazing read and very deserving of this award
A wonderful book, beautifully written.
This book was a fabulous read I could not put it down!
A very e.njoyable read, meticulously written
Witty, poignant, beautifully written.
A thoroughly enjoyable read.
An excellent novel, which I really enjoyed.
Very well written, lots of twists and turns, a real page-turner.
Like all of Jacqui Lofthouse's work, this is a cracking read, full of wit and insight. A bit like Bridget Jones for clever people!
... I Iive in Costa Rica... finding this book on Amazon Books was like finding a hidden treasure across the Atlantic... delivered to my sofa page by page!
Amazing Jacqui x
Well written and thoroughly enjoyable.
Such a fun novel. I loved it. She is a remarkable writer who deserves to be better-known.
Original and interesting novel, written beautifully.
I found this book very atmospheric, and a likeable pageturner to which it was very easy to relate.
A great read.
Jacqui Lofthouse is a remarkable writer and deserves wider recognition.
Clever, and beautifully written.