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Jarred Dreams
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Jarred Dreams

By Camilla Chester
Published by Matador
ISBN 9781785892394
Category 9+ and Young Adult
Spring 2017


A modern day fairy-tale set in the fictional town of Stanbridge. The town is engulfed by 'The Grey' because of The Dream Thief, a cloaked ghoul who steals children's dreams storing them in jars in his cellar. Sade, a fearless 12-year-old girl is the only one who has the power to stop him.

Author's Biography

Camilla Chester grew up in Norwich, studied in Sheffield, but now lives with her family in Hertfordshire, where as well as writing she runs a small dog walking business. Jarred Dreams is Camilla's debut novel and was shortlisted (before being published) in the 2015 National Literacy Trust New Author Prize.


Wow. Absolutely fantastic read. CNPID. 
I loved the story and the characters. I loved Sade. Had me gripped from start to finish. 
Loved it.   This is a must read and I would highly recommend this book. 
Definitely worth more than 5 *. Sue Wallace, Amazon. 
Despite this being a book for children and young adults, and me being somewhere in my 40's, I was completely taken in by this somewhat creepy tale of 12 year old Sade's quest to stop the dreaded Dream Thief before it's too late. Sade brings a splash of much needed colour to the dark, grey town of Stanbridge, a town where everyone and everything in it is devoid of life and colour, swallowed up by what Sade calls 'The Grey'. The narrative of the chapters alternates between Sade's perspective, and that of the Dream Thief, along with the voice of a mystery character whose identity is only revealed at the brilliant ending. This is a wonderful book, and if I had children, they would be forced to read it! Philippa McKenna, Goodreads. 
Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

I loved this book as much as my teenage daughter! Brilliantly written. I loved the concept of the Dream Thief, a real page turner. Highly recommended.
I've never seen my daughter so glued to a book!! Once started, it would be dry hard for any child to put thebok down until they get to the end....a compelling read!
A brilliantly written book that my daughter absolutely loved.
My son loved this book!!
'Jarred Dreams' is quite simply 'a seriously good read'. Camilla Chester is well deserving of this award.
Absolutely Brilliant!!
Great book, exciting plot and well written.
Truly deserving of winning!
Great read for adults and kids alike
I love the way Camilla writes. She draws you into the story and characters and I can see why children enjoy this book with its scary story and happy ending.
A beautifully shaded story with plenty of darkness and light! A very satisfying and engaging read for children, highly recommended.
Great characters. Dreamy quality to the writing that I really liked. Page-turning stuff!