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The Girl Who'll Rule The World
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The Girl Who'll Rule The World

By Jolie Booth
ISBN 978 1 909548 68 8
Category Romance
Spring 2017


As with an Impressionist painting, where the image emerges from the dots, in this book a story emerges from the chaos of the writing, revealing a Twenty-First Century woman trying to make sense of a world gone mad. No situation is too strange, no drug is off the menu, legal, illegal, or purely psychological. In this, her first novel, Jolie Booth has created Fifty Shades for the Trainspotting generation.

Author's Biography

Born in Colchester in 1978, Jolie Booth grew up in Braintree, Essex, and studied for a degree in English at Nottingham Trent University. 
She has lived for 15 years in Brighton as well as in Sydney Australia, London and the squats of Berlin, where she ran the infamous Fischladen squat bar in Friedrichshain, before returning to England.


Price £8.99

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