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The Grotto's Secret
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The Grotto's Secret

By Paula Wynne
Published by Prado Press
ISBN 0993492177
Category Thriller/Historical
Spring 2017


A Historical Conspiracy Thriller for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins.  A healing herb kept secret for centuries. 

A TV show host who stands to lose everything. Castile de Granada, 1492: Risking her life, Spanish author Ana-María de Carbonela vowed to keep an unknown yet powerful healing herb’s location hidden. It remained a secret … 

Until now. 

TV show host Kelby Wade is forced into the search when her niece is targeted by the relentless assassin who killed her brother. She is pursued on a perilous quest, from a grotto in rural Andalusia to a bizarre hospital in Surrey, to uncover the mystery found between crumbling sheets of parchment in the ruins of a rural Spanish farm. 

Author's Biography

As an award-winning entrepreneur and author of the Writers' Resource Series, Paula Wynne has appeared on TV several times, including the BBC Show, Escape to the Continent, which showed her and her husband's quest to live in Spain so Paula could become a full time writer. 

Paula is currently writing more conspiracy thrillers with historical mystery twists. She brings her love for thrillers and history, along with the beauty of countries like Spain into her books. 

Paula occasionally gives away books and other bonus material for readers, so join her news to find out 


 • The first in the Torcal series, The Grotto’s Secret is a fast-paced, historically rich page-turner that captures the vivid history of medieval Spain woven between modern-day London. 

• Past and present blended vividly together in this exhilarating historical conspiracy thriller guaranteed to leave readers tingling with suspense.
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Reader Comments

Read it good
Love this author. I have on my list to read.
hope you win
Great novel.
Paula Wynne is a wonderful writer
The absolute best book I have read all year.
I read and reviewed this book when it first came out and I found it captivating and enjoyable. It kept me involved and had wonderful characters and excellent writing.
Great book. Fast paced. Intriguing story.
Truly outstanding in all respects.
Good fast paced book.
Couldn't put this book down.
It is great so far on what i have read, i have only read the sample chapters, i have yet to buy the book, i tried to buy it last year, but i got the title muddled up at the bookstore with the sales person, maybe it could be turned into a film.
The Grotto's Secret is an amazing saga of two timelines following the same miracle cure that eventually converge and explode onto the page. Facinating read.
Great read!
Intriguing and spellbinding story.
Very good read.
Paula is always a success when she writes.
I love a mystery with a touch of supernatural and keeps you guessing from beginning to end. Her characters are well rounded and keeps you wondering whether they mean good or bad.
Fantasy and history combined can't be beaten.I loved The Grotto's Secret and can't wait for the sequel!
Well worth reading!
I just finished reading this book, it's really very good!
I love mysteries and feel the Grotto's Secret is perfect for the Peoples Book Prize. ☺
A terrific read!
Awesome author
Great book by Paula.
I enjoy her books
I love the way Paula writes.
I have read and reviewed Paula's book on Amazon