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Love & Justice
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Love & Justice

Subtitle A Compelling True Story of Triumph Over Tragedy
By Diana Morgan-Hill
ISBN 9780993092237
Category Biography
Spring 2017


At the age of 29, Diana Hill fell under a train. In 7 seconds the glamorous businesswoman went from busy woman of the world to double-leg amputee, her life in ruins. Then it got worse. A brutally honest, heartwarming memoir – when you're not crying for her you're laughing with her. 

Author's Biography

Diana was a press and publicity manager for Brookside and later set up a press, PR and strategy consultancy. She has held trustee/committee positions for the Wheelchair Tennis Foundation, Limbless Association and British Red Cross. Diana lives in Dorset. She is a motivational speaker and is writing her first novel. 


“A compelling story of how humour, friendship, grace and sheer grit can triumph over unthinkable catastrophe.” Liz Jensen, author of The Ninth Life of Louis Drax
Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

What a story! Upsetting, uplifting, remarkable. An excellent story of courage and tenacity.
A very moving and absorbing book
Sometimes in a lifetime, most of us will find one or two, or perhaps, if we live long enough, a few, extraordinary books to keep us reading through the night. Love & Justice is such a book. Please please raise up this remarkable story and its writer by clicking the cross above..
A fascinating and moving account of not only coming to terms with a devastating accident but also battling for justice. Excellent book and a remarkable lady..
Honest and uplifting memoir.
An emotional rollercoaster ride. Diana Morgan Hill manages to describe the indescribable agony of her horrifying fall beneath the wheels of a moving train. With an endearing mixture of black humour, raw honesty and bitter detail this book is an intensely moving experience (pun fully intended).
Truly remarkable memoir - funny, heartwarming and oh so moving
A great read by turns moving and funny.
A wonderful, honest tale of life's hardships and challenges. Beautifully written.
Wonderful book, well written
An amazing memoir!
What makes this autobiography more compelling, is the tender, honest and brutal way that a life forever changed is told. The accident isn't the end of Diana's world, it is only the beginning of a new, more powerful, more potent path to Truth, Love and Justice. Diana is a true Warrior of epic proportions.
Incredible book - deserves to win!
An amazingly well written book about the most horrific life changing circumstances - and how the justice system caused even more pain. The writer has such humour against staggering odds - and this book should be read by everyone...
A remarkable woman who tells her story with frankness, compelling -shocking - honesty and humour. She writes like a dream.