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Subtitle One Man's Global Quest to Beat the Rat Race
By Charlie Raymond
Published by Saxon Nomad Media
ISBN 978-0-9954527-2-5
Category Travel/Memoir/Humour
Spring 2017


HIRED, FIRED, FLED is the calamitous tale of an average graduate who crashed through fourteen jobs in fifteen years, as he searched for the holy grail of the working world... a job to love. 

Author's Biography

Charlie Raymond grew up between London and Dorset. This is his first book. Charlie is a long-term career and travel nomad, always planning another adventure overseas. He has lived across the world, trying many, many different jobs, as he sought his path in life. The result is HIRED, FIRED, FLED.


"Informative and entertaining in equal measures, HIRED, FIRED, FLED will have you hooked from the very first page." 
- TNT Magazine UK 

"A witty and entertaining read with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and some incisive nuggets of wisdom." 
- Arabian Business 

"Tongue-in-cheek humour, gripping angst, and weighted notational advice... highly recommendable!" 
- Strathclyde Telegraph 

"Charlie’s talent for observing and then reporting on the ludicrous series of events that befell him will have you chuckling aloud... engaging and immensely entertaining." 

"Overall, [he] displays superb self-awareness and honesty in the writing of this book, which is a light-hearted account of a not so light-hearted tale..." 
- The Beaver (LSE) 

Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

Could not put it just flowed and flowed and grabbed me by the .......a great read. More...we just need more.
Fantastic book. Highly recommend it.
Very nice read - a funny take on one of life's burning questions
It is a gutsy book and I would like him very much to win!
A superb read. Witty, engaging and thoroughly entertaining.
Genuine page turner - very engaging writing
Great book, gives us all hope we will get the job we want!
Its a brilliant read and highly recommended
From the initial pages of a first flirt with employment on a safari camp in Zimbabwe to the closing scenes of almost sticking to the perfect job in Dubai, Charlie Raymond’s hilarious romp towards career nirvana is immediately and simultaneously engaging, witty, pithy and heartfelt. Hired, Fired, Fled pulls you into the personal and ongoing struggle we all find ourselves immersed in to one degree or another of finding our niche in the world. A real page turner and a perfect companion for the daily commute or a poolside holiday away alike. Whether you are about to embark on your personal career journey, or are floundering in the midst of it, Hired, Fired, Fled will provide consolation and encouragement... and most of all, hope!
A reality check on working abroad laced with humour. Most entertaining.
great read!
A comic employment self help bible with scores of amusing work place fails. Something of a hand book of career do nots for those starting the rat race or a bit of nostalgia for those looking back at their own adventurers. Lots of fun.
Fabulous, involving, first class entertainment. Surely book of the year if not the decade.
What a great read! Loved every page
Cried with laughter at numerous points!
Great outlook, different perspective than other books for career advice for soon-to-be graduates such as myself.
A great read!
Very enjoyable read!
Brilliant page turner... I couldn't put it down.
One of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure, nay luck of even meeting. All of this spills over into the book and I can't recommend it enough. I only wish I could cast more than one vote!
Great read! Highly recommended !
Hilarious, honest, sensitive and relatable.
Excellent book.
A very funny book that disguises its serious message: how do you pick the right career path?
A thoroughly engaging and entertaining read. This book is written an in irreverent style but always retains its informative aspect as the author travels the world completing all sorts of weird and wacky jobs. I would highly recommend this book to any students, recent graduates or, more broadly, anyone with an interest in a great story.
A reality piece in a wonderful, amusing style, combined with creatively presented wisdom and thought-provoking stories, that any millennial can make use of, in addition to being exposed to the beautiful writing.
A wonderfully witty and erudite book, Charlie charts the hazards of finding a satisfying career with candidly. Highly recommended.
A great read from start to finish. Full of clever wit and engaging anecdotes that will have you reminiscing about your own days of youthful wanderlust. 21
The most entertaining book I've read in a very long time...